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Models Own – Scented Nail Polish

I know, I know, scented nails remind me of being a kid too, when nail polish was bought based on how smelly and glittery and easy to spill over the bathroom carpet it was.. (just me?) but I chose this polish for the colour, and it just happens to be scented as well… here’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

I’ve been following Models Own on twitter (@modelsown) for a while, they have over 200 beautiful nail colours and retweet pictures of customers using these colours to create fantastic complicated designs.. Although I’ve never attempted nail art, I’m pretty sure its not as easy as they make it look, and unless “split the bottle over my finger and tried to wipe it off with loo roll that stuck to my nail” is a new fashionable Monet nail art style, I’d best leave the fancy stuff to the experts.

However, I did really want to try the polishes on their own, and boots handily have a buy one get one half price offer on all cosmetics, so when replacing my foundation I wandered over the the models own counter. This is what I was faced with…


Seriously how is a girl supposed to choose!!!???

Luckily I was in a rush, which meant I didn’t have time to talk myself into buying every colour…  All my polishes at home are jewel colours, as they usually go on my toes (no-one looks properly, they never notice the chips so you can leave it on there for weeks! ssssh!) so I decided to go for something I’d never tried, a pastel colour! and these are the ones that just happen to be scented with AMAZING scents… *innocent face*

There are five colours to choose from: Purple (Grape Juice), Pink (Strawberry Tart), Blue (Blueberry Muffin) Yellow (Banana Split) and finally.. Green (Apple Pie) which is the one I chose.

The scent is amazing, not synthetically sweet candy apple, but actual apple pie, down to the rich pastry and sugar on top, and it lasts! Despite numerous showers, hand washes, even swimming the scent has lasted four days so far on my nails.

As for coverage, as a nail newbie my first attempt was a bit disappointing, I did two thin coats – probably without leaving room to dry in-between *so impatient* and I could see the lines in my nails (damage from old acrylic nails) showing through the polish. However my nail-savvy friend helped me out and repainted them for me with more coats, and now I’m typing four days later and my nails have no chips and really bright colour, and did I mention they smell of apple pie?!


I’m so so impressed, the main reason I don’t bother with coloured fingernails is because they always chip within a day, no matter what brand I use… until now! And this was without a top coat too!

Models Own currently have an offer online, 5 bottles of polish for £20 (normally £5 a bottle) inc free delivery and I will definitely be taking them up on it! Maybe in the future I’ll consider their range of nail art pens too, polka dots will be my limit though.. watch this space!!



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