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Diorshow – Fusion Mono Eyeshadow

This is going to be a very gushing blog entry because…. I AM IN LOVE!!!!!

So last week, the unthinkable happened; I won a competition on twitter for a selection of the autumn/fall 2013 Dior Mystic Metallics range!
Yes I was very lucky, yes I was excited and yes I did squee lots and shout for my mum and act like a child on christmas morning… I think I then embarrassed myself slightly by gushing my thanks to the lovely @DaveLackie
(a fabulous beauty editor, correspondent and style writer who does the best twitter beauty competitions ever, follow him!!)
This is what I won on that magical day… Picture borrowed from Sir Lackie’s twitter feed


Today I am reviewing the individual fusion mono eyeshadows, I have Hypnotique and Millenium. I was gong to review the entire range at the same time, but that would mean taking these shadows off to replace them with the palette ones and I cant bring myself to remove them, they are just so pretty!!

dior4 copy

What Dior say:

In a single step, Diorshow Fusion Mono creates multidimensional contrasts for a professional makeup effect.

Its unique cushiony gel-foam texture brightens the eyes with faceted, long-lasting colour and a weightless finish.

What I say:

First the packing, immediately you know this is a luxury product, even the cardboard box is beautiful! Covered in their sexy iconic dark blue with embossed C.D logo and all literature printed in shining silver, the box sparkles on my desk. The jars themselves have a highly polished black lid, so shiny you could use it as a mirror (I’m not joking, I couldn’t even get a decent photo because the camera kept showing in the reflection, its THAT shiny!) and accompanying the jar is a beautiful silver application wand, the lid becomes the handle (attaches on the end) which is soooo much better then getting the tiny cheap applicators that are short and hard to hold!

Nothing about this packaging is an afterthought, the product is displayed so beautifully it took me a few minutes gazing before I could open it… the eyeshadows themselves are also embossed with the C.D logo, though this did disappear on first use because the shadows are a mousse-soft texture rather then a harder pressed powder.

Deciding to be a ‘professional’ beauty blogger, I actually followed the instructions on the box, rather then just prod them with a brush and hope for the best… this is what they said:

“Apply two ways for two different effects:

  • Soft fusion: applied with the fingertips, the texture blends into the skin for a weightless finish and subtly shimmering result.
  • Bold fusion: using the smudging applicator, the finish is intensified to reveal pure and extreme colour.”

These instructions are absolutely spot on, the first result is subtle, the second is much more intense. I experimented by only switching from soft to bold halfway along the eyelid first, which I found was created a gorgeous smokey eye style within seconds. This is the main reason I’m now in love with these shadows, because of how quickly a professional look can be achieved – we all like a quick cheat that makes us look like experts, right?!


The result is stunning, I only have one complaint… the shadows on my eyes above are two different colours, I bet you couldnt tell either?! Now in their defence I have applied these straight on to bare eyelids, no base, no foundation nor any contrasting/complimenting shadows to bring out the different shades. As you can see on the hand swatch they ARE different, Millenium is made up of smokey greys and silvers, whereas Hypnotique is much more purpley. I will update this post when I’ve done my whole face up for a night out and we shall see how they compare then!

The Mystic Metallics collection includes five shades of fusion mono, and the other shades are very different to each other. If I was buying these myself I would have chosen two contrasting colours to compare. However I am still giving these beauties full marks based on texture, application, packaging, longevity (5 hours so far) and all round amazingness!

Retailing at around £23.50 they are not cheap and I would normally never have looked at them with intent to buy as they don’t quite fit into a student budget…. but if you want to make an investment then treat yourself to one, as you wont find an easier or more effective smokey eye look anywhere else! They will last forever, contain a gorgeous brush and you can get several looks… all in ONE PRODUCT!!!!

Thats my kind of cosmetic 😉

Oh and once I’ve calmed down, I’ll be reviewing the palette and eyeshadows xxx



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