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Nars Nail Varnish Duo – Sharks

NARS collaborated with Pierre Hardy for his Summer 2013 collection this year, producing ‘limited blush compacts and six nail polish pairs in conceptual colour-clashes all presented in mini versions of his signature shoebox packaging’ available here


Now the fact that it’s October, and these colours are from the summer range SHOULD mean that I refuse to wear them past the 31st of August for fear that the fashion police make me do community service in Primark – however, I am a student. A poor student. which means that the fact that these are slightly out of season only means one thing to me… DISCOUNT!!!

Asos are currently selling the last of the range for £12.00 a set, instead of £22.00. Each bottle normally retails at around £14 so even with my C in maths I can tell this is a bargain! Unfortunetly there is only one colour set left now, the ‘Sharks’ pair. I think these colours are very unusual though, and not something I’ve seen available from Barry M or MO, so I snapped them up….

The polishes arrive in a cute little shoe box, with each bottle lain top-to-toe as shoes would be presented, and the box contains a diddy little shoe bag too, as all the designer shoes do (I’m pretending that I own designer shoes and so know this for a fact)

The coverage is fabulous, I can really tell these polishes are of a high standard, I used two coats of each and they both lasted over five days without chipping. That’s without a top coat or base. The colour is true to the bottle, and the consistency remains thick through application so there are no streaks or opaque bits. Perfect for beginner-painters like me!

So, I’m really impressed! Although I wince at spending more then £5 on a nail varnish, I can see that as a treat (or cleverly purchased when in the sale) these are a brilliant buy, and will look better and last longer then the cheaper brands. Asos are still selling these, but I’m sure will run out soon…. so go go go!!




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