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Neal’s Yard

Last week I visited the Leamington Spa branch of Neal’s Yard. Despite it being a busy Saturday I was welcomed in to the shop before being left to browse for a while and then asked quietly if I need any help. Take note beauty departments – this is how to treat a prospective customer!

Nothing puts me off a purchase more then a pushy sales rep who’s just trying to hit the daily targets on one specific item, which she will try to sell to me whether it is right for me or not. I know this happens,  I’ve had that job, I’ve managed people with that job and that’s the reason I left that area of work! Rant over, this is not how its done at Neal’s Yard!

The staff could not have been nicer with me and my mum, as well as the other browsing customers. I’d actually only gone in to keep mum company whilst she looked at the make-up, but I was intrigued by their eye-make up remover as I’d been looking for one since I started swimming and have to fight with waterproof mascara every night.

Because I have a lot of allergies I asked if I could take a sample of the product to test at home first. The beautician Louise was extremely helpful, she was very reassuring about the natural components of the remover and made up a generous sample for me to take home. Whilst I was near the till the manageress spotted the eczema on my hands, and instantly told me about a creme to help – more on this in a minute!

 The Organic Eye Make-Up Remover £10.75

What Neal’s Yard say:

Gently removes even water-proof make-up, while conditioning lashes and hydrating and protecting the delicate eye area. The calming infusion includes nurturing damask rose, antioxidant white tea, soothing aloe vera and a smoothing tri-peptide. Oil-free.
Certified organic by the Soil Association

My Review:

This product is wonderful. I never thought I’d say that about something as simple as a eye cleanser but it is honestly so so good, below is a rather gross photo of the cotton pad I used to remove my eye makeup. I had no shadow or base on, as I was having a make-up free day but I did have a bit of mascara on so I gave my eyes a quick wipe at night with a tiny bit of the sample cleanser. I couldn’t believe how much grime came off!

The night before I had worn a smokey eye look, and I thought I’d removed all the make-up with a face cleanser but this remover takes cleansing to another level, it obviously gets right into the skin pores and gets all the invisible oil and grime out of them. Afterwards there was a lovely tightening feeling around my eyes especially on the bags underneath. I may be young (27) , but I have insomnia so those bags are pretty big! My eyes felt refreshed and squeaky clean. It was a revelation!

nealsyard (1 of 1)

Some people question why you need a specific cleanser for eyes, and I do understand its a faff and expense having two products on the go, but the skin around your eyes is so much thinner the rest of your face, and it needs much more delicate products on it. Imagine how hard I’d have to scrub my eyelids with a face cleansing lotion to get the same amount of grime to show on that cotton pad?

Heavy and incorrect products can lead to the eye-area skin sagging, which can make eye-bags more visible and harder to cure. This is why eye cream is made as well as facial moisturisers! Dark shadowy eyes are very ageing, so take care with your eye products now to prevent spending a fortune on concealer in later years 🙂

Stellaria Cream £7.00 

What Neal’s Yard say:

A cooling and soothing cream, for dry and sensitive skin, for all the family. This soothing cream contains 10% organic stellaria (chickweed) tincture in a gentle ointment base.

My Review:

This cream was recommended to me by the manageress when she saw the eczema on my hands, in fact she took my hand and massaged the cream into it! I’ve had eczema all my life, all over my body and wake up most days with new patches of open weeping sore skin (so attractive!) There is no reason for it, all allergy tests come back clear but its still there, I normally only use Oilatum hair, bath and skin products prescribed from the dr. These are white, smell vile and are borrrrriiinnng but they do help to keep it at bay a little. So I was a bit nervous and rather skeptical about trying this cream. I was given some to take home in a little pot to try, which I keep by my bed and apply as soon as the itching starts.

It hasn’t been a miracle cure (otherwise I’d be on the news running around naked screaming “Look at my fabulous skin”) However it has really helped the dry skin that I get left with after the bleeding scabby bits have healed. Its reduced the grey skin colour by softening and therefore loosening the dead skin cells, and is really good on elbows and heels too. The smell is quite undistinctive compared to the rest of their skin range but from the product description I can see this is because of the skin type it is meant for. Sensitive skin can really react to fragrances and colourings. the lack of scent didn’t bother me until my mum used her free sample….

Vanilla & Orange Shower Gel

….being my mum she decided to use this in the bath instead of the shower, and the smell filled the house. It is absolutely beautiful!

What Neal’s Yard say:

“Gently stimulating and warming, golden organic Sri Lankan ginger combines smoothly with the exquisitely mellow, velvety sweetness of organic Madagascan Bourbon vanilla. Evoking the sensual, sun-soaked heat of the tropics, our organic aromatic spice blend brings warming comfort — relaxing mind and body for ultimate indulgence.”

My review:

I didn’t realise it was possible for a product to smell warm, but Neals Yard have achieved it here! The house smelt so cosy and spicy and tropical. Mum has very sensitive skin too and she didn’t have the slightest reaction to this product (She told me to tell you guys that)

Unfortunately, the shower gel isn’t sold separately, I believe its a new fragrance for Christmas so is only available as a gift set. However I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they kept using the scent in the new year, creating individual products (Maybe a candle for us poorly skin people too…?) The gift set is now on Mum’s christmas list so I’m going to be brave and have a try of it after Christmas. I’ll report back on how my skin gets on too!


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