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Choies! A New Fashion Find:

As the temperature is rapidly dropping out there I am beginning to face the fact that I have to start wearing jumpers soon, my problem is I find them so so boring, and they hide my tattoo! Trust me, if you’d spent hundreds of pounds on body art you’d want to show it off all the time too.

My tattoo travels from wrist to shoulder, including a swallow on my left shoulder blade, which would be perfectly shown off in this beautiful Choies jumper. So I went to the website, with the intention to buy just this piece….  but then I discovered the rest of the collection!!


When you first access the Choies website you’re invited to register, registering gains you 1000 points, and filling out your profile with a bit of extra info gains you another 500 points, and 1500 points = $15 off everything! (approx £9.50) which is just brilliant! I’ve had a good luck through the site and I wanted to share a few of my favourite pieces, and some outfit ideas. I hope I inspire you to have a look through their collection, please let me know what you chose to order!

Today I chose to showcase some of the dresses in Choie’s range, as the party season is almost upon us! (All images and titles taken from Choie’s main website.)

1cBodycorn Pencil Dress Contrast Lace Panel Item# : CDDL3097

I think this is supposed to be called bodycon, as it has all the trademark panels of a body con cut. I think its so elegant, and very unusual too. I love the detailing down the arms, it could easily pass as designer yet only costs £33.38. It is also available in blue.

3cCelebona High Neck Knit Dress  Item# : B1351225041

This light-weight knitted dress would be perfect with chunky tights and knee high boots, or could be dressed up with big jewellery and high high heels. It’s a cheeky length, just covering the bum, but the tights would add some modesty 😉 It comes in at £26.45 and is also available in black or grey.
4cVintage Floral Skater Dress Item# : CDZY1290
Skater dresses suit most shapes, and usually work well with my body because I have large boobs, bum and hips with a small waist in-between, exactly as a skater dress is cut. The patter is so cute and fresh, perhaps slightly out of season right now but would be fabulous to see in the spring with! This dress is £54.80
5cFine Belt Mesh Dress Item# : CDDL0188
How beautiful is the neckline of the dress? The strap detail is so distinctive, perfect for anyone proud of their décolletage and shoulder line. Because the rest of the dress is plain it is not too ‘showy’ and could easily be dressed up or down depending on the event. This dress costs £28.97

6cVintage Big Floral Dress Item# : 131708501

For lovers of the vintage style this dress is a must, I adore the 70’s style graphics and clashing colours, the slash neck adds a modern twist and the detailing at the waist will flatter any stomach. It has a fashionable zipper detail up the back too! This dress is a bargain statement piece as it’s currently reduced to £27.71 and is still available in all sizes.
7cContrast Cold Shoulder Dress With Cut Out Detail Item# : CDWC2357
This is one of the most unusual dresses I’ve ever seen, it shouldn’t work, but it SO does. Yet another style that looks like it should belong on the runway, this dress is the most expensive of my recommendations but you’re paying for something completely unique and different. The cut, contrasting colours and fabulous cold shoulder make this dress a stunning unique addition to your wardrobe. Simply Stunning! This dress its £97.64.
8cRed Backless Dress Matching Metal Colour Item# : CDZY0605
Another neck detail dress, this time in a stunning bright red shade. It has a low back so is not suitable for those of use who need to wear good bras, but its still such a lovely item that I just had to include it!  The style is almost Grecian with the gold thread detailing, the gold chain on the neckline and the bodycon material panels will hold everything in all night. £41.57

13cCut Out Black PU Vest Dress Item# : CDWC1004

This dress is incredibly sexy! Made with PU,which is more flexible then leather, cheaper and a lot easier to clean, this dress will hold its shape without looking PVC stiff – a bit too fetishy for me. This is a much softer look, I love the subtle cut outs, the high neck and the tapering at the waist – ensuring this would flatter most figures, though those which larger busts would have to be careful the fabric didn’t buckle over the chest. This very striking Jessie J/P!nk style dress comes in at £86.93

15cRound Neck A-line Cut White Dress Item# : CDWC1017

Normally one to shy away from white fabrics, I adore this dress. Its very simple yet very eye catching, and because of the longer sleeve length it could be dressed up or down.  It reminds me of this Twiggy image from the 60’s, showing how timeless this shift style is, and what a flattering cut too. £51.65
10cA-line Sweetheart Rhinestone Sleeveless Short/Mini Chiffon Cocktail Dress Item# : CABE3009
Now for something a bit different, nearly all of the dresses I’ve chosen so far are figure hugging, straight or slightly flared styles, so I wanted to include some of the A-line ‘prom style’ dresses the Choies provide.
This dress is custom made and can be ordered in over thirty different colours, although the only photographic example is in black. At £80.00 it’s not the cheapest, but perfect for a special once-in-a-lifetime occasion such as a prom or a 21st. I love the sexy but subtle corset back, and the rhinestone detail is just beautiful, I can just imagine the reflections from a mirrorball.. Looking to catch someones eye? This is the dress for you!

11cA-line sleeveless Lace Beads Short/Mini Organza Satin Cocktail Dresses Item# : CABE3005

Any Harry Potter fans out there will know why I’ve selected this dress, it’s an (unintentional) mini version of Fleurs wedding dress! This can also be custom made up to a Uk 30, and is available in over twenty colours. the detailing on the front is beautiful and continues over the single shoulder strap, which provides a little support for larger busts. Its so floaty and princesses, perfect for Christmas or New Years!

20cA-line /Princess Beading Short /Mini Organza Cocktail Dresses Item# : CABE2004

This is a subtler prom dress, which can also be custome made and ordered in a wide range of colours. It has straps, a tapered high neckline and an open back so could pose a few lingerie problems, however the length is slightly longer then the other a-line styles, providing more modesty and is workable with tall or short figures. The silhouette is sleeker then the other cocktail styles, so would suit larger frames more, and the belt flatters and defines the waist. This comes in at £58.58
12cA-line Sleeveless High-low Chiffon Cocktail Dresses Item# : CABE2001
My final selection from the custom made range is this sleek cocktail dress with gorgeous chiffon train. Again this dress is available in many colours and sizes up to a UK 30. It is strapless, with strong beading detail breaking up the solid colour of the fabric. This dress is £56.69
14cMix And Matching Roll Neck Slim Dress Item# : CJDL0762
Not to everyones taste I’m sure, but I love this dress. Its just so unusual! I can imagine this with knee high boots and a bright red umbrella, getting second glances throughout the day, its such a striking design! The detail images show this wont be very forgiving to lumps and bumps, as it consists of stretch knit and a tight belt, but on the right figure this would be a stunning wardrobe addition! £32.12
16cSlim Oil Painting Dress with Contrast Lace Item# : CDXF0550
Another ‘out-there’ design, this dress is bang on trend, with oil painting images being used on tops, dresses and coats from catwalk to highstreet. However this dress remains incredibly unique because of the contrasting materials and the particular print used. The high panelled waist looks very flattering, whilst the lace sleeves cover bingo wings without looking frumpy or unfashionable. This is another head tuner, priced at £50.39
18cCopy Cat Dress Item# : CDZY0803
Extremely quirky, and a little bit rude, I adore this dress. It makes me think of Katy Perry, I’m surprised it hasn’t appeared in her wardrobe yet! The cat placement is definitely designed for smaller chests only, especially as the sheer back doesn’t allow for a bra, but if you have the right shape this cute design would look gorgeous and very different to normal high street designs. £37.79

Choies-The latest street fashion

             Choies have over 400 dresses in their collection, and this is just a small selection of my favourites. The bad news for my purse but good news for my wardrobe is that they do other clothing too! tops, jumpers, trousers leggings and accessories, as well as mens section!
             I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these dresses, please let know what you think of them, and any other amazing items you find on the choies website.
I’m off for a shop!!


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    1. Def, I’d never heard of them before but they have some amazing things, honestly these are just the tip of the iceberg!


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