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Dior 5 Couleurs Mystic Metallics Palette

This is part two of my review of the beautiful Autumnal Collection from Dior – Mystic Metallics. I reviewed the amazing Fusion Mono shadows in October and this co-ordinating palette is just as lovely!

As the title suggests the palette contains five different eyeshadows, each in metallic shades. There are two different palettes available in the Mystic Metallic range; Constellation (purples and pinks) and Bonne Étoile (greens and browns)


I will be reviewing the Bonne Étoile Palette:

First, can I just take a second to coo and squeal over the beautiful star design. Stars could easily have looked tacky and childish, but come on, this is Dior! They know how to do stars! The palette looks mature, classy and sophisticated. The shadows themselves have a lovely velvet texture and have a lot of pigment in yet don’t shed onto my cheeks when I apply, magic!

The five shades all work well together, there is not one ‘dodgy’ shade, so the available combinations are endless. A lot of Dior palettes come with a guide as to where to put each shadow, to allow you to apply all five shades at once without looking like a clown. However this palette didn’t which I think is because each colour can stand alone or work in groups of twos or threes, placing all five of these on your eyelids at one time could look very over-powering!

I decided to demonstrate the classic smokey look, as it’s so easy to do and takes just a few minuetes. I wanted to show how much use you could get out of this palette, rather then be overwhelmed by the design and colours and think its for special occasions only.

First I applied the middle colour across my entire lid, then applied the khaki green across the last third, finally I used the silvery-grey in the inner corner to awaken my eye. I used the sponge applicators that come with the palette which gave an even application of colour, before using a brush to apply a light coating of the silvery-grey from my eye-lid crease up to my eyebrow to finish the look. The mascara I used is the Collagen Mascara from Accessorize.


As you can see the shimmer in these shadows is obvious but not gaudy, making this look polished and glamours rather then obvious and tacky, as you’d find with the cheaper eyeshadows that contain flakes of screechy glitter.

Finally I repeated the application with the green and blue-grey colours so you can see all five colours in use:

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This palette is around £41 depending on retailer, which works out at at £8.20 per shadow. I’ve had one of these palettes before and it lasted me two years before the quality and colours started to fade, which is a lot longer then cheaper lesser-quality palettes. Another investment buy, but with multiple looks and long lasting colours I really believe it’s worth it!

Let me know what you think!

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