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Chalkboard Nails! Revlon Nail Art

I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any more nail varnishes this year as my collection has grown by twenty bottles since the beginning of October… However, I am a marketers dream and when I saw this new type of polish I just had to try it!


These limited edition dual-colour polish’s have just been released by Revlon. Step One contains a black nail varnish that dries to a matte finish, the texture of…yes, you guessed it…a chalkboard. It even feels chalky to touch! Step Two contains a pastel polish with a long thin art brush to allow you to create designs over the dry matte black.

finalspotsI chose the ‘Over Achiever’ version as I liked the contrast with between the charcoal black and the baby pink. I found the matte coat dried really quickly, and took two thickish coats to create a smooth and even look, it looks a lot nicer on my nails then most matte polishes, it just seems smoother and very elegant. I was disappointed by the step two polish though, the set is advertised as chalkboard art, so I thought both ends would be matte! then it would look like chalk does on a blackboard, but actually step two really is just a glossy nail varnish with a thin brush.

As I’m not very good at nail art, I added dots to my thumbnail to show you the glossy finish, but took them off after taking a photo and have kept just the pretty matte black nails. It would be better for me to be able to buy the lovely matte polish on its own, but for clever arty people out there any double-endeared polish’s are great value 🙂

I bought my chalkboard art polish at Boots, where all Revlon products are currently on 3 for 2 🙂

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