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Not so in love with ‘Love me Beauty’

There are so many different beauty box company’s around that it’s a bit overwhelming, so I sought advice from Kristin at ‘Must have boxes’ who reviews nearly every company offering this service. She suggested a few British companies, including Birchbox, LoveMeBeauty, GlossyBox and LatestInBeauty.


This time I chose to try the ‘love me beauty’ box, because they let me order one box for a one-off payment of £10 (+2.95 postage). Once I’d paid I was taken to a page that allowed me to select one of three boxes, the trick with all of these websites is that you can’t see what the box contents are until you’ve paid your money. Some sites let you chose a box, others just send you a mystery box out after you’ve filled in a questionnaire stating your tastes, allergies, fave brands etc.


The boxes I was offered all contained five products in total:

Box one contained:
Lord & Berry Scuba Waterproof Mascara
Lord & Berry Smudgeproof Eyeliner in Smoke
Balm Balm Bath & Shower Oil in Balance
Weleda Millet Nourishing Shampoo
2x Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Masks

Box two contained:
Lord & Berry Smudgeproof Eyeliner in Smoke
Balm Balm Bath & Shower Oil in Indulge
Weleda Millet Nourishing Shampoo
Amie Bright Eyes Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
Anatomicals Help The Paw vitamin rich hand cream

Box three contained:
Lord & Berry Scuba Waterproof Mascara
Lord & Berry Smudgeproof Eyeliner in Smoke
Balm Balm Bath & Shower Oil in Feel Unique
Weleda Millet Nourishing Shampoo
Amie Bright Eyes Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

As I had just purchased a new mascara I chose box two, which arrived very quickly and was beautifully presented.

stuff (3 of 7) copy

The first product I tried was the Lord & Berry eyeliner, which I was so disappointed in that it immediately made me think that I’d wasted my money on the whole box. The eyeliner arrived unsharpened which was inconvenient, and even when sharpened still seemed very hard to use. It gave a thick line on the lid, whereas I only like thin liner, and was completely useless on the waterline. The colour was a muted grey, very subtle, too subtle for my dark eyes, and because it is ‘smudgeproof’ I found it lacked much pigment and dragged on the eye lid upon application.

So, disappointed I used the Amie eye make up remover to take the liner off, this I was much happier with. I have quite sensitive eyes and this remover didn’t hurt them at all whilst it did mange to remove all the liner and my mascara. I tried it over the rest of my face too, mainly because I was too lazy to get the facial cleanser out of the cupboard, and it also did the job well there. It was a little too greasy on my oily skin to do the whole face every day, but it’s a good thing to remember for if I’m in a rush or have stumbled home lacking a lot of co-ordination…you know what I mean 😉

The Anatomicals hand cream was a complete let down. It has a weak citrus scent, is drying on the hands and really, really made my eczema sting. The tube holds 100ml so I won’t throw it away, but I certainly won’t be using it. One for the family bathroom I think, for guests with less-fragile hands then mine!

Next I tried the the Weleda shampoo… I really didn’t want this post to be so negative but blurggh this shampoo was horrible! It’s supposed to be a nourishing shampoo, for normal hair, but came out of the tube as a watery liquid, I’d expected something a lot more substantial. I do have very thick and slightly damaged hair, so I used about half the (sample sized) tube first, but it hardly touched my hair. It wouldn’t lather and rinsed off so quickly I think it had just settled on the surface without sinking in. After the rinse my hair had knotted together and felt like straw, so I gave it another wash with the rest of the tube. I was hoping to not have to condition so that I could report back on the shampoos performance alone, but even after a second ‘nourishment’ it still felt horrendous and was now so tangled up I had to use my conditioner. The only slightly redeeming factor was that it did have a nice grapefruit scent, which remained on my hair afterwards. As the scent is quite citrusy it made me wonder if the shampoo was more of a detox then a nourishing treatment, and so would it be useful for people with oily hair to try and see if it helped them?

Finally the Balm Balm oil; the instructions with the oil say “Add up to half a bottle to your bath or apply to damp flannel for shower” Unfortunately my eczema has fully flared at the moment so baths are a no-go for me for a few days,  it seems a waste to use this in the shower as the sample jar is small and not wet-hand-friendly… I think it would end up accidentally down the plug hole! As soon as my eczema calms I will use it and report back, but I can say it smells divine! The oil contains a mix of ylang ylang, patchouli and clary sage. Patchouli is my absolute favourite note, I adore it in perfumes and candles so can not wait to try this in bath – watch out for an update 🙂

So all in all, out of my box of five items, I will only be using the eye-makeup remover (which costs around £4.75), and possibly the oil (which my math skills work out is £17 for 100ml, so 85p for 5ml) that will last for two baths. So for £12.95 I have £5.60 worth of useful products – not my best bargain of the week! Now I have seen a few other reviews and they seem mostly positive, so it could just be me being picky..let me know what you think?

I will probably try another box company before I write the subscription idea off, but as a student I can’t afford to play pot-luck with my beauty buys! Rather then spend £12.95 a month on five products I ‘might’ like, I’d rather buy one nice product that I know I’ll love!



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