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Miners Cosmetics – A new bargain find!!!

Last week Miners Cosmetics held a competition on twitter, and I was one of the lucky winners! I won this ‘bonfire inspired’ range of nail polishes; including a beautiful gold called Molten, a subtle yet shimmery black called Graphite and a glamorous silver called Dancing in the Moonlight.

miners (1 of 1)-7


The nail varnishes arrived quickly with a lovely little note from Miners congratulating me on winning, they signed off with “..we hope these colours will make your nails shine as bright as the night sky,” Not only is that an incredibly cute message, it’s also accurate! These nail varnishes do absolutely shine on my nails.

miners (1 of 1)-6My photo example shows the finish after just one thick coat, with no top coat, see how shimmery they are? I swatched the Graphite for this blog as I wanted to show the subtle shimmery particles within the polish. Then, as I’d worn black all of last week,I removed it and painted all ten nails in either Molten or Dancing in the Moonlight, I even experimented with a bit of gradient sponging! Nail art is still a new concept to me, but I think the experiment paid off, what do you guys think?

miners (1 of 1)-5

I was so so impressed with the shiny finish and the good coverage that I was absolutely amazed to find out that these generous bottles cost only £2.99 each! I remember the Miners beauty range from when I was a tween-ager, trying out makeup for the first time, but I thought they’d disappeared long ago… Not so!

The website shows that they do a full range of cosmetics at unbelievable prices, nearly everything comes in under £5 yet if the quality of these polishes is anything to go by they haven’t skimped on any important ingredients. I am definitely going to be purchasing other Miners products now, they even have matte lipsticks and nail varnishes…. Excuse me girls, I’m off to shop! Watch out for more Miners reviews xx



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