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Bobbi Brown ‘Date Night’ Limited Edition Palette £24

Oooh I was so excited to get my hands on this palette! This is my first ever Bobbi Brown product (I’ll be honest I’ve always ignored the brand because I previously believed it was for darker skin tones) so what could be more perfect then a chance to try a few different product formulas in one go?


The palette is one of two Bobbi Brown ‘lip and eye palettes’, they are designed to contain entire looks in one palette, excluding your skin base. They are credit card sized, so are easy to carry around and they will fit into any evening bag. The palette I am reviewing is the ‘Date Night’ colour way, there is an ‘Everyday Pretty’ version too with softer colours and less glitter. Both options contain three eyeshades, two lipsticks (in flat rectangular form) and one topcoat lipgloss.

Date Night comprises of:

  • Eyeshadows: Ivory (creamy white) Chino (nude grey) and Espresso (dark chocolatey brown)
  • Lipsticks: Pink Beige (nude pink) and Mauve (rosy mauve)
  • Lip gloss: Bare Sparkle (a champagne with pearl)

What Bobbi brown say:

“The palette she’ll actually use (and love) over and over again, this ultra-flattering set adds pretty polish to eyes and lips. Ivory, Chino and Espresso Eye Shadow shades make a complimentary trio for creating a range of eye looks. Plus two beautifully wearable Lip Color shades-Pink Beige and Mauve-can be worn on their own or mixed for a signature lip look. The finishing touch? A mini High Shimmer Lip Gloss in Bare Sparkle conveniently snaps into the center of this mirrored compact.”

What I say:

The eyeshadows went on easily – the ivory and espresso are both completely matte and very smooth to apply, The espresso especially is full of pigment. This does mean a dramatic look is hard to avoid as theres so much depth to the darker shade, but I used the Chino shade over the entire lid to soften the look.


Chino is very very sparkly and seems to consist mainly of flakes of glitter; because of this it breaks up a lot when used with a brush and does fall onto the cheeks, though you can work around this by placing a tissue under the eye before applying.


I found the lipsticks hard to apply with a lip brush, they seemed patchy and hard to warm up, instead I used a finger to apply which melted them slightly and gave slightly better coverage, they were still too patchy to provide good examples though to I created swatches instead:


The shades are very pale, probably to counteract the dramatic eye looks. For me they are too pale because I always break the beauty rule and wear dark red with my smokey eyes, it just works better with my pale skin and dark hair. However for people who are new to dramatic eye looks, or have lighter hair, and don’t want to have a full-on-face a neutral lip is always advised so I can see why Bobbi Brown chose to include these colours.

The lipgloss is fabulous, probably my favourite part of the palette; its clear which allows the lipsticks to show through, but is very very very sparkly! Be warned, everyones eyes will be drawn to your lips, and therefore teeth, if you wear this, so avoid the spinach before a night out 😉

The downside to this palette is that because the eyeshadows are tiny, to make the palette handbag sized, fallout from the Chino shade does spread into the other eyeshadows.


If you notice it in time you can slightly blow the glitter out of the other shades, but I can imagine once jostled around in your handbag it could all get very messy…

Also as you can see here when applying the lipgloss over the lipstick the wand gets colour on it, again if you notice in time you can wipe the lipstick free, but I imagine most people will just close the lipgloss and eventually will find their beautiful sheer gloss now has a tinge of pink to it!

The palette costs £24, which is a great price for Bobbi Brown as the lipsticks alone cost £19 each, the shadows cost £17 and the lipgloss costs £18. So if they were full sized you’ve got over £100 worth of products here! The case is robust, shiny black with the logo on the top and has a large mirror inside the lid. I think this would make a lovely gift for someone who is new to makeup, although being the evening version it does have limited use. The ‘Everyday Pretty’ version of the palette has lighter, neutral colours which would suit a wider audience.

Everyday Pretty:                                                                                    Date Night:

           Everyday-Pretty-Lip-&-Eye-Palette       Date-Night-Lip-&-Eye-Palette

(These two images are  borrowed from Bobbi Brown)



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3 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown ‘Date Night’ Limited Edition Palette £24

  1. I think of the two I would rather have the every day palette anyway, also think because of the lack of glitter it would last slighter better being thrown about in a handbag.

    Now if only I could afford to buy one. 🙂


    1. Should also have said excellent review. 🙂 I am loving reading your blog. x


      1. Thank you so much 🙂 this palette was a present but I think if I was choosing I’d go for the day look after seeing how much the glitter spreads!! Xx


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