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New Guy Bourdin Range by Nars

I can’t afford it, I don’t need it, I may not even use it that much…BUT I had to have it!! 

When I heard that Nars had produced a new beauty range celebrating the work of a fashion photographer Guy Bourdin, I knew my purse was in trouble. I love makeup, I have a beauty blog AND I’m training to be a photographer…so really, how could I refuse?

Guy Bourdin (1928-1991) was a highly controversial photographer who pushed the boundaries of fashion photography. Sometimes he would pose women in morbid fantastical scenes, usually showing them half dressed and in various states of peril, often incorporating handcuffs and restraints.  In beauty-focused shots he used nude or semi-nude models in sensual poses that were shocking for their time.

He worked for both FrenchVogue and Harpers Bazaar, creating dramatic fashion shots which always involved elaborate hair and beauty styling techniques. His work transformed fashion photography forever, and although many critics disapproved of his styling techniques his way of posing models and use of sexuality was revolutionary and still influences photographers today.
(images taken from


“Since launching his namesake collection in 1994, Nars has honoured the late photographer through palette colours, shade names and advertising campaigns, but now he’s paying a bigger tribute to his hero with a holiday collection inspired by some of his favourite shots. “I was really inspired directly by the makeup in those photographs,” says Nars, who translated it into intensely pigmented lipsticks, nail polishes and eyeshadows”[..] “You have to understand each other,” says Nars of the relationship between photographer and makeup artist. “The photographer has to fall in love with [the subject], and if the makeup artist isn’t close to them or does a bad job, they won’t inspire the photographer.” Source

The Range:

A relentless rule-breaker, French photographer Guy Bourdin revolutionised fashion imagery through brightly coloured, glamorous campaigns championing the female form.”

Nars has definitely paid homage to Bourdin and his love of colour and glamour with this new holiday range. It consists of single items; three blushers (£21.50 each), five eyeshadows (£18 each), four lipsticks (£18.50) and four nail varnishes (£14.50)


(Image borrowed from here)

..and gift sets:

(Clockwise) Fling Lip Kit £30, Cosmetic Pochette £50, Beautiful Strange Nail Collection £25, Voyeur Eyeliner Collection £30. At First Sight eye and cheek palette £45, Promiscuous lip pencil set £30, One Night Stand Palette £45 and Splendor In The Grass Palette £30


(Images borrowed from here)

I knew I had to have something from the range, but didn’t want it to be a wasted purchase – after all, these beautiful retains did not come cheaply! It made a lot more sense to buy one of the gift sets rather then an individual item….but which one? It took some time, but going the fact I always go for eye makeup I decided to buy the Promiscuous lip pencil set, complete with lovely makeup pouch 🙂


(Image borrowed from here)

The pencils arrived wrapped in red tissue paper with the Nars emblem on, and a few luxury brand samples had been added to the packaging by Space NK so this purchase really did feel like a treat. The pencils come in four matte shades (another reason why I bought them, I don’t own many matte shades and matte lips will be huge in 2014) and one gloss shade.

Swatched right to left:

New Lover Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil: Gold infused strawberry pink
Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil: Passionate scarlet red
Sex Machine Velvet Matte Lip Pencil: Innocent pink mauve
Never Say Never Velvet Matte Lip Pencil: Pink lilac
Dolce Vita Velvet Matte Lip Pencil: Dusty rose


The pencils are so quick to use, they have thick nibs so they cover the whole lip in seconds and are really full of colour so theres no need to add any other product. Although they have a matte finish they aren’t chalky, instead they manage to still be moisturising and feel weightless.

My favourite was always going to be the glossy shade because I’m not used to mattes, but they WILL grow on me and I adore the passionate scarlett of Cruella. At £30 the set is an absolute bargain because the full size lip pencils are £17.50 each whereas I’m getting five minis (and they really aren’t that much smaller) for £30, £6 each!!

Most of the range is still available online, I’m trying very hard to not order the nail varnishes! Let me know if you treated yourself to anything from the range, oh and what do you think of Guy Bourdins work?! xx



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7 thoughts on “New Guy Bourdin Range by Nars

  1. Amazing review! I love the stuff you wrote about Guy Bourdin. I got the Blush Palette, but I really want those lips pencils too! xxxx


  2. Those photos are beautiful, I can understand why they have inspired a makeup range! I love the look of the lip pencils, especially the second from the left xx


  3. Oh my gosh girl, you’re gonna make me broke by sharing all of these fabulous goodies on your blog! 🙂 hehe


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