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My favourites from Sainsbury’s fabulous TU range…

Every week I seem to find something new in Sainsbury’s TU clothing range, and this week was no exception – I found a gorgeous tartan mini skirt which is now mine for just £18! It inspired me to have a little look online and make a post on my favourite pieces.

For some unfathomable reason Sainsbury’s still don’t let you buy clothes online, so they haven’t uploaded their full catalogue to their website.. However I hope you can take inspiration from these few items and then pop to your nearest store to see what else they have 🙂 – Let me know what you find!

Capes: Check Cape £40  Purple Cape £28  Buckle Cape £40

ImageCapes are big news again this year, perfect for keeping warm and still looking chic (unlike bulky parkas, blurrggghh) The check cape is bang on trend, checks are everywhere at the moment! I’ve seen the purple cape on and the arm ‘holes’ actually stop at the elbow so it gives good coverage whilst allowing easy manoeuvrability. The buckle detail on the blue cape gives it a high-street appearance.

Coats: Quilted Jacket £35  Faux-Fur Jacket £40 Tweed coat £40


I love this quilted leather-look jacket! It’s a great example of the current biker trend..but with a chic twist, it is collarless! Instead they have added embellishment on the trim which is very tastefully done and adds detail to the neckline. The faux-fur jacket is just so fun, it would add glamour to any outfit, even just worn with jeans and leather boots! This tweed coat demonstrates the military trend which has resurfaced this Autumn, but has been updated by adding mixed materials and pocket detail.

Tops: Cable Jumper £28 Wrap Blouse £25 Leopard Top £18

ImageThis cable jumper has a great neckline, it softens broad shoulders and shows off the décolletage, this colour is attention-grabbing and being a berry shade it will fit easily into any Autumn/Winter wardrobe, it is also available in cream. The check blouse is formed of the same wrap shape that hit the fashion magazines in the summer after New Look bought out a range of similar tops, which were reported to flatter absolutely anyone’s figure. They were mostly plain whereas this check design adds a grown up sophistication to the cut. Although the photo is quite unflattering I selected this black leopard top because I think it would look very sharp on, it has a gold zip detail and looks like a tight fitted style, as seen in both Miss Selfridge and Topshop.

Jeans: Black Jeans £25 Floral Trousers £25 Blue Jeans £14


These paisley printed jeans have a secret support system built in, sucking in your stomach, shaping the thighs and lifting your bum, Miracle workers! The floral printed trousers could be mistaken for both Zara and Topshop, they are so stylish and would look perfect teemed with a crisp white top. The straight leg blue jeans are an absolute bargain at £14 and the fading is very slimming on the thighs.

I hope you like my choices, let me know which items are your favourite! The rest of the online collection is here, but check your local stores for a much much wider range including fabulous knitwear and Christmas themed tops and jumpers! xx

All photos are borrowed from Sainsbury’s website, this is not a sponsored post. 




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7 thoughts on “My favourites from Sainsbury’s fabulous TU range…

  1. Seriously impressed with how classic yet interesting these clothes are. I want them all! Bulky parkas really are just… aren’t they. I’ve put cool little band badges on mine and belted the waist but it’s still so meh..


    1. They really don’t shout about their clothing range enough, this really is just the tip of the iceberg! I refuse to get a parka, it’s awful but I’d rather be cold then look frumpy hahahahaha


  2. I love those floral trousers. I have so much trouble with trousers these days – my thighs and calves are too fat 😦


    1. I’m sure that’s not true, but if you struggle with getting the buttons/zips to close then go for treggings or jeggings instead 🙂 they tend to hold all my wobbly bits in place heehee


      1. I can’t get half the trousers I find in shops over my calves/thighs 😦 if I do, the button does up fine. I’m just a silly shape.


      2. I can’t remember the last time I fitted a pair of trousers, they either fit my legs but don’t come near my stomach, or fit my stomach and are like clown pants on my legs, that’s why I stick to l/tr/jeggings!


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