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Although MungleVille is a PR friendly blog, most posts are unsponsored and are not produced in collaboration with the companies whose products are mentioned. The majority of reviewed items are products that I’ve purchased for myself, by myself! I will make it very clear within the relevant post if a company or a representative has supplied the products, or hosted the events, that are being reviewed.

My reviews show my honest opinion of the products or services, opinions which are never influenced by monetary gain.

MungleVille aims to make the fashion and beauty worlds less intimidating and more accessible to everyone and anyone. This is done by supplying feedback on both high end and high street products, reviewing which items are of good value and quality, and which items are overhyped. This would not be possible if the reviews were biased or untrue.

If you would like to work with me, please write to me!

Mungle xxx



Digital Copywriter. Background in visual communications, brand management, visual merchandising and retail management.

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