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W.I.P Nail Polish – Better in the bottle!

A few weeks ago I went to a fantastic Urban Outfitters Launch Party where we were all given the opportunity to shop with a generous 30% discount! With my new found love for nail polish it only made sense that I used this discount to buy yet more colours and try a new brand …right?


W.I.P is a nail varnish range I have only ever seen at Urban Outfitters, and Mr Google tells me that they are the only suppliers. They have a permanent offer on the polishes, £6 each or two for £10. I chose ‘Peppermint’ which is (unsurprisingly) a minty shade of light green, and ‘Honeycomb’ which looks like a  bronze sequin and glitter mix. The colours looked stunning in the bottles and I was so excited to try them…!

Peppermint took at least three coats before it stopped being transparent, and these were thick coats applied after shaking the bottle (as directed on the label) Then, because they had to be thick coats, they took forever to dry and smudged easily. Later that evening I looked at my nails and saw that even the thick coats had dried patchily, with some areas of the nail looking almost like there was no polish on them!


Honeycomb was the polish I was most excited about, it just looked so lovely in the pot! It appeared to be a really ‘full’ glitter, with chunky gold sequins mixed with bronze and black sparkles. It looked like it would be thick enough to wear alone, as well as a top coat. However to try it I used it on top of my peppermint-covered index finger. As you can see from the image below, this one was a huge disappointment.

No matter how much I shook the bottle, manipulated the brush, or how many coats I applied I still couldn’t get the larger sequins to come out of the thin bottle opening! The polish was very very thin and watery, which meant it couldn’t be built up as the glitter slid everywhere. It also managed to upset the peppermint coat underneath and make that run, so the whole lot had to come off. Finally the little black bits of glitter seemed to be the most obvious, making the polish look completely different to what I expected.


So, My verdict is that these polishes look a lot prettier in the bottle then on the nail. This is such a shame but does mean that they will look gorgeous on your dressing table, the packaging is lovely with an unusual bottle shape and the colour range is fabulous…as long as you don’t actually use them!

Have you had any experience of these polishes? Let me know! xx



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