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*Opening Credits*

Hi! I’m Mungle and Mungleville is my world ^_^

I’m 28, going on 16, a mature student with an immature student’s bank account…. I adore buying clothes and makeup, choosing candles, ornaments and knick-knacks for my new home, reading books and buying too many Sylvanian families (yes, you read that correctly)

MungleVille is my lifestyle blog; it is place for anyone and everyone interested in books, food, fashion, home and beauty. It especially celebrates those of us who may not resemble the supermodel silhouettes (nor have their celebrity bank balances) of the women used to advertise clothes and cosmetics in the media.

I aim to make the world of internet shopping less intimidating and more accessible to everyone and anyone. This is done by supplying feedback on online products at both high end and high street prices. I review which items are of good value and quality and which items are overhyped. I also talk about restaurants and local events, and as an avid reader I often review and recommend great books. I’ll be moving house in a few weeks time so watch out for reviews on paint, furniture and decor!

I hope you enjoy looking around my little world, please let me know your thoughts!

MJ xx



Digital Copywriter. Background in visual communications, brand management, visual merchandising and retail management.

4 thoughts on “*Opening Credits*

  1. Hey- I just found you thru headliner fm I actually didn’t think they worked and were kinda scammy or spammy but I found you and I saw that you promoted my page. So I just wanted to say hi 🙂


    1. Aw hey! I was a bit dubious too but it’s lovely to meet new people so I’m glad it worked 🙂 xx


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