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Ombre Adventures!

Last summer I embraced the ombre trend and bleached the tips of my curly mane, this week I dyed over the blonde tips – giving them a festive red update in time for the holidays!

Here is my hair post-ombre, I used Loreal’s Feria Ombre kit for dark hair. All I had to do was apply the mixture to the ends of my hair using the applicator comb and wait for thirty minutes. The dye was going over hair which had been every colour of the rainbow and was currently dyed dark brown, so I was a bit dubious as to how it would turn out and was all set to have to cut off my hair if it went wrong – however the result was perfect! I kept the style for almost six months – completely unheard of for a hair chameleon like me!


Eventually last week I got twitchy, realising I’d had the same hair colour for so long was disturbing me so I decided to try an all over red dye, in the hope that it would give a red tint to my dark brown hair, and a bright red finish to my bleached tips. This time I used Garnier’s Olia Deep Red shade – available here as I wanted a dye that would help condition my frizzy hair. The dye is an oil rather then a creme, which did give a lovely soft feel to my hair, but it was disturbingly watery and I was convinced it would only dye half my head – cue mid-dye panic… Luckily it contained just enough for my shoulder length thick hair, but I’d advise two bottles for anyone with longer locks.

I thought the oil content might equal a nicer less-pungent smell, but this wasn’t so, unfortunately you still get the eye-watering ammonia scent to burn your nostril hairs and make you believe your hairs about to fall out. However once I’d washed it out and used the lovely free condoner the smell had disappeared and the colour had worked brilliantly. Even on my dark hair (natural roots and dyed-to-match mid-section) the red showed up, it was a lot brighter on my roots though. The bleached ends had turned a fab shade of bright red and so initially I was really pleased.


However, I’ve washed my hair twice since the first application and the colour has really faded, the red ends have an orange/brassy tone to them now and the roots are pretty much dark brown again. I’m not sure if this is because the dye is a thin oil rather then a thick creme but I’m very disappointed. I’ll be redoing the tips red again but might have to go back to L’Oreal and see what their range offers. Can anyone suggest  a long-lasting deep red dye? And have you had any experience with the Olia product? xx



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16 thoughts on “Ombre Adventures!

  1. I used Olia when I was orange and it faded really quickly. Wasn’t impressed x


  2. Great to read this post as it seems we have really similar hair: Wavy/curly, thick, dark brown, dye over dye, unruly. I tried Manic Panic amazing results but short lived. Then I found Stargazer (cruelty free) hair dye – you’ll need two bottles but it’s bright, easily applied, lasts about 5 washes (with gentle shampoo) & is awesome! I shoulda done a post about it duh!


    1. Ooh yes very similar! Stargazer sounds promising although I wash my hair about twice a week so I’m really looking for something that lasts a long long time and through multiple washes..I wonder if that actually exists!!


      1. I used to use Schwartzcoft Live XXL or Intense which, when done over lightened hair lasted for absolutely ages and gave really good depth of colour.


      2. I’ve never got on well with the live colours, every shade I try seems to end up being a muddy reddy/purple!


  3. It’s a shame your dye is fading because your red hair looks so gorgeous! I love that brown has a reddy tint, and your tips are a darker red. I also have never gone so long without dying my hair before, it’s very confusing! xx


  4. I’ve always had really good luck with Garnier Nutrisse and Revlon Colorsilk reds!


    1. Thanks, it’s totally gone ginger now but I’m hoping to get the same colour with a different dye!


  5. I’d recommend the Garnier Nutrisse ones too, and if you get the mousse rather than the creme, it’s easier to apply and you’ll get away with one box rather than two. They do a few shades of bright red and I find they last really well. Plus the avocado conditioner is really nourishing for dry, frizzy hair. 🙂


      1. It’s what I use. I like the mousse because I only need one box, whereas I need two with the creme. 🙂


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