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Bloggers Meal, Secret Santa and my first O.O.T.D

Last month the wonderful Jess and Char organised a fabulous secret santa swap among over fifty bloggers, (not an enviable task!) and here’s what I received today!



I had so much fun shopping for my blogger! We each had to fill out a questionnaire before the swap, stating our likes and dislikes, and I’m not sure if it was by clever selection or just fate but my blogger likes the exact same things I do!! So it was really easy to shop for her, although I did end up buying two of most things >_<. I’m not going to say who I’ve got yet, but once christmas has passed I’ll update this post with both what I received and whether my blogger liked her presents – fingers crossed!

UPDATE! I opened my Secret Santa gift on Boxing Day, and I was so pleased with my presents! Maxine from ‘The Blonde on Beauty’ sent me a cute hot chocolate gift mug, (complete with powder and whisk) some cosy purple slipper socks – which amazingly match my dressing gown! – and a lovely hot water bottle with a knitted cover. Because of my eczema I can’t have the heating on in my bedroom at night, which makes life very cold and glum in the winter – I survive by using hot cuddly oat toys and blankets, so this bottle is perfect and the cover has cute hearts over it. Thanks so much Maxine!

Christmas Meal and O.O.T.D

On Thursday I met up with two blogger friends Chloe and Hayley for what I hope will become a regular Christmas meal, big loves to Cara who couldn’t make it this time (I have a card and pressie for yoooouuuuu). We started with a quick coffee at Caffe Nero before we wandered around Selfridges, cooing over the pretty make-up – where Hayley bought a fabulous YSL lip gloss and I managed to smash an entire £60 Shu Uemura pallet on the floor… After making a very quick escape from the angry-but-pretty makeup artists we headed to ‘Ed’s Easy Diner’ – An American style diner I’d always wanted to try:

Because I’m on a christmas diet I ordered the ‘Sloppy Joe’ – a beef burger with bbq sauce, drenched in chedder cheese and covered in piles of onions – as well as these slimming fries which were smothered in bright yellow cheese and tomato ketchup, accompanied by a large glass of cherry coke. I then had a very saintly pudding of chocolate fro-yo with marshmallows to follow.. I’m so proud of myself 😉


Just as we were leaving town we spotted this fabulous flower display:


It was a flower garden created by Elemental Design for Victor and Rolf to promote their fragrance Flower Bomb.

“This Christmas, we [Elemental Design  collaborated with L’Oreal to produce the ultimate experience for Viktor & Rolf shoppers, celebrating the new Limited Edition Flowerbomb Fairytale fragrance with a Pop up enchanted garden in Selfridges.

We used 25,000 flowers, all carefully applied by hand to a canopy, sprayed in our London workshops. Amongst the flowers you will also find the V&R wax seal.

Inside the floral maze, we used soft ambient lighting and gently infused the interior with the new Flowerbomb Fairytale fragrance.   Visitors are invited to have their photo taken in the customised photo booth where all photos can be directly tweeted or uploaded to facebook.  Staff use iPads to showcase the product and invite visitors to sign up to the Viktor & Rolf ‘Secret Service’ where customers can enter a competition to win Viktor & Rolf accessories.”

Now I did go in and have a photo taken in the flowery booth but, as is very typical with me, I managed to look extremely …special – Let’s just say I’m not sharing it on here 😉

However I did sneakily use their flower wall as a backdrop for my first ‘Outfit Of The Day’ pic! I’m not quite brave enough to include my ugly mug yet though..


Have you all been to any christmas meals yet, and is anyone else involved in this secret santa – how did you find it?! xx

All images are either taken by me or borrowed from linked websites x




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3 thoughts on “Bloggers Meal, Secret Santa and my first O.O.T.D

  1. You crazy girl. You’re so pretty. You should definitely be treating all your readers to a pic including your gorgeous face. *hugs*. xx


      1. Quit that lady. You are gorgeous, inside and out. *hugs* And that’s true beauty. xx


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