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It’s ‘Christmas tag’ time!

I was tagged by the lovely Caitlin Crawford to complete this cute Christmas questionnaire.
It’s now the 22nd of December and I still am not really in the christmassy mood.. the festive season is always tricky for me now with my health BUT I’m hoping that things like this will help and that by Christmas Day I’ll be happy and jolly for the family 🙂

So here we go…

Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or synthetic? 

I’d love a real tree, it seems so much more exciting picking and decorating a pine tree then dragging our dusty one out of the loft, especially as I’m back home now and mum insists on us having a gold tree >_< We can’t have a real tree because of the puppy, spiky moulting trees equal poorly paws!

You’re in a coffee shop, it’s December, what do you pick up?

ImagePre-studentlife I had a mission each year to try all the christmas flavours that both Costa and Starbucks brought out, and I usually managed as I worked near both cafes. Now I can’t afford to always have a flavour added *sulk* so in that case I ordered a hot chocolate. However I have managed to try the chestnut latte from Caffe Nero (amazing),  and the gingerbread hot chocolate from Costa (also yummy). What gets me is the christmas cakes that are always displayed with the fancy red labels, too enticing!! I can highly recommend this gingerbread muffin from Costa,  complete with gooey centre and not-too-cute-to-eat gingerbread man!

What’s your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?

Ohhh I’m not sure… I love green, gold and red, but then I went to harrods Christmas floor once and saw so many different combinations that I’ve decided everything seems to look good on a tree! I loved the acid pinks and bright turquoises that were in fashion a few years ago, but I also think white or silver decorations can look so classy on a green tree. As I mentioned, our tree (mums tree) is gold… it is covered in multi-coloured over sized baubles and multi night lights as well as the ribbon so it’s so mixed up it actually works! Christmas isn’t classy in our house, but it is festive!

Giving or receiving? 

Giving, 100%. (by the way, trying very hard here to answer this question seriously and not giggle at how rude it sounds)
I spend a long long time choosing presents for my friends and family. Because I have very bad memory problems I tend to make notes throughout the year on things that they like or comment on, then refer to these whilst I shop. I love knowing that I’ve picked good presents, so far I haven’t had any complaints…! I think I’m quite easy to buy for, and although I love surprises I have allergies so I sometimes wish people had checked with me first..

Also – slightly controversial now- I hate hate hate knowing that someone didn’t think about what they were buying me, they just grabbed extra things to make a gift bag look full or grabbed the same item for every friend – urgh. It makes me sad as I think christmas is about giving; showing your love and appreciation for someone and thanking them for being ..them! If you can’t think of a personal present, then you don’t know them and you’re just thanking them for being another contact in your phone book *rant over*

Mince pie or not?

Yes!!! Butter pastry only though, none of that filo rubbish, and not too many currents… I adore the icing covered ones, I’m the only one in the house that does so I get a box of six to myself!

What’s your traditional Christmas lunch?

Ha this is a bad question for me this year as I’ve not quite forgiven my mum for agreeing to have a cold christmas buffet instead of a turkey dinner. I’m conveniently ignoring the fact that I don’t cook, so she’d be the one having to create said dinner for 12 people.. I’m too busy sulking about not having roast potatoes for any rational thinking! *is a spoilt madam*

Normally we have the full works; turkey, yorkshires, pigs in blanket, red cabbage, swede and potato mash, roasties, peas and carrots, oh and gravy and cranberry sauce on the side! Followed by christmas pudding for the adults and chocolate yule log for…me. 

Christmas day fashion:

I usually get pjs or a dressing gown for christmas and will wear them at home right until I need to leave the house. However this year everyone is coming to us so I have to get dressed! I’ll be wearing a silver sparkly top with stretchy leggings that allow for chocolate over-indulgence.

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

Step into Christmas by Elton John, its just so happy!!

What’s your favourite Christmas film?

There’s a fair few… but I think ‘Elf!’ is my favourite. I don’t normally find Will Farrell that entertaining, I usually find him too immature and annoying – but that’s exactly what he needed to be when playing and elf, so that’s probably why he’s so good in it! It’s such a touching heart warming story 🙂 Miracle on 34th street is good, I was lucky enough to see the stage play this year!  The muppets christmas carol is amazing, who doesn’t know the words to “There goes Mr humbug…”? The first “Santa Claus” (skip the rest) and of course the first two “Home Alone” films (also skip the rest). Oh and I love love love “The Holiday” and “Love, Actually”. Hmmm have I missed anything out?

Open presents before or after lunch?

When we were little we’d open our stockings at 6am on the dot, then play with the contents until 8am (letting Mum and dad go back to sleep) before having breakfast. After breakfast we opened Santa presents, then after lunch we’d open family presents. That was the tradition for so many years, with the exact timings!

Mum stopped us having stockings at 16, I’m now 27 and still miss them! This year we will open Santa’s (and from me to Santa) presents in the morning after a late breakfast, then share family presents in the day when everyone visits and open presents from our friends in the evening when its a lot calmer! 

That’s the end of the questions!

I hope everyone’s feeling christmassy and not too stressed about the whole event, try to enjoy it as much as possible for Christmas comes but once a year! xx 

I tag Jess because I know she is very creative and will have some unusual christmas traditions, Holly because I’m sure she will have a very glamorous Christmas (and has a christmassy name!) and mother of two Ann who is a brand new blogger! Please check out their blogs, and thanks again to Caitlin xxx




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2 thoughts on “It’s ‘Christmas tag’ time!

  1. Lovely post and thanks for the tag. I love reading about other people’s experiences of events we share 🙂


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