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The Rapunzel Treatment – My experience with Perfectil

I started using Perfectil tablets in the summer of 2012 after my hair had stubbornly refused to grow for over a year. Prior to this my hair had begun to fall out due to stress; although the hair loss wasn’t obvious because I have…had….very thick hair, it was visible in the shower where it would fall out in clumps mid-shampoo and it proved very embarrassing when I managed to block the hairdresser’s sink…

As I concentrated on improving my stress levels my hair did stop falling out, but instead it refused to grow. I used to colour it occasionally and it was the lack of root touch up required that first clued me in, before a hairdresser I hadn’t seen for six months commented on it too. She recommended taking vitamin B to help encourage the hair to grow, however when I popped into a Holland and Barrett store to buy some I saw the Perfectil range on promotion. I’ll admit the beauty addict in me was tempted by the fact that the tablets where not only for hair, but also for nails and skin,so I gave them a go…

Here is my hair transformation:


As you can see the tablets worked wonders for me! My hair became stronger, shinier and most importantly it began to grow again. I’m a big believer in going to the hairdresser regularly for trims, especially with curly hair as it stops the layers getting too heavy and the curls falling flat. If I hadn’t of visited the hairdresser every few months I’m sure my hair would be even longer in the last picture – though not quite as bouncy! I still don’t know how the tablets work so I had a quick look on Perfectil’s website whilst writing this post:

PerfectilPerfectil® is the UK’s No.1 skin, hair and nails formula. The advanced range is based on our 40 years of scientific research into the benefits of targeted optimal nutrition. Certain nutrients are of great importance to help maintain healthy looking skin, hair and nails in both women and men because they are delivered via the bloodstream, at the very deepest level. By simply taking one Perfectil® tablet after your main meal you’ll be providing your skin, hair and nails with a comprehensive spectrum of the essential bio-active nutrients. As well as benefiting these areas, Perfectil® also safeguards your diet by doubling up as a complete multivitamin for all round health.

Beauty from within…

We all want to do the best that we can for our health and appearance. Vitabiotics knows only too well that what you put inside your body has an enormous impact on your internal health and your outer appearance. Therefore Perfectil® has been formulated by an expert team to deliver “beauty from within” and is designed to complement your daily skin and hair care routine with a range of over 20 micronutrients.

How does Perfectil’s triple active formula work?

Perfectil® works by delivering nourishment via the bloodstream – the very deepest level – for the dermal layer of the skin, hair follicles and nail beds. Each tablet contains micronutrients including:

Biotin, selenium & zinc which contribute to the maintenance of normal skin, hair & nails.
Riboflavin (vit.B2) and Niacin (vit.B3) which contribute to the maintenance of normal skin.
Minerals selenium and zinc which contribute to the maintenance of normal hair and nail health.”

The tablets had a definite affect on my nails too, they are stronger, longer and whiter then they have ever been. My skin is clearer too! My only slight warning with the tablets is that they do increase hair growth everywhere, so be prepared to wax more often – especially your eyebrows!

Perfectil ‘s range includes the regular tablets I’ve tried, as well as these different versions  – including  plus nails, plus skin, pro-tan, maximum strength and platinum. The tablets are available from (and these images are borrowed from) Vitabiotics

Perfectil Range
Perfectil Range

Have you tried Perfectil? What did you think? Please comment below xx



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4 thoughts on “The Rapunzel Treatment – My experience with Perfectil

  1. What if we stop using it? Will the hair go back to normal? Like lesser hair growth etc


    1. It helped my hair recover and I’ve never had the problem since, so hopefully it just needed the kick start that the tablets gave me!


  2. That means it takes more than two years to grow hair like that? 😔 my hair keep on losing too much.and i hv two bald patches in front line. Doctor prescribed me perfectil hair plus( with zincovit multivitamin) but the pharmacist has given me perfectil original triple active. It has been a week now but my hair keeps on falling more. Im too stressed over this. Convinced a lil when i see this post.


    1. Hi Nicole, remember I got my hair trimmed a LOT during that time because I have curly hair that is quick to form dreadlocks. It honestly does work, and if my arms and legs are anything to go by its very quick acting once it’s in your system. I know how hard it is but try not to panic, give the tablets time – about a month – to get into your system and I promise you’ll start to see a difference x


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