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Freederm: Keeping my oily skin spot free

Keeping oily skin spot free is a total nightmare, but there are a few products I’ve found that make this tricky task a little easier!

The second topic for the great ‘2014 blogger challenge’ is Skincare. My absolute no1 skincare product, which I would be totally lost without and would probably be seen trying to break into their head quarters begging for the last bottle if they ever dared discontinue it… is Freederm‘s overnight clearing serum. It’s absolutely AMAZING!

They say:
Freederm Overnight Clearing Serum has been formulated to work through the night. Applied to the face just before going to bed, it works alongside the skin’s natural repair process to help reduce spot size and redness whilst visibly hydrating the skin and restoring healthy skin texture.

I say:
Not only do I have oily skin, but I also over-heat in my sleep. Because of this I’ve always avoided night creams, finding them too heavy and suffocating, usually waking to discover a greasy mess on my face and pillow. However, this product is an overnight serum rather then a cream so it has a thin consistency and spreads lightly across the skin with no residue. Almost immediately after applying I could feel my skin being lightly dried out, bad for dry skin suffers but amazingly good for me and my complexion. The serum seems to control my oil-production over night and I no longer wake up with a sweaty face.

Most importantly the amount of spots that used to appear overnight have dramatically reduced, especially around my chin and jawline. Freederm say this product is specifically for teenagers and young adults.. Now I’m 27 but my skin was lovely and clear until I hit 25 so I think its regressing, much like my maturity levels 😉 It totally works for me so please don’t let this age specification put you off!

Freederm Serum

As I was so pleased with the serum that I decided to try other items from the range, I now use the ‘Oil Free Perfecting Moisturiser’ in the day time too:

They say:
Formulated by experts for spot-prone skin. Moisture protection and hydration without blocking pores. Helps smooth and improve skin’s texture. For daily use. Freederm zone balancing moisturiser is specially formulated to hydrate and moisturise those areas (zones) of the face that need it most. At the same time, it acts on spot-prone skin to combat blemishes. The moisturising ingredients are absorbed deep into the skin to smooth and improve its texture and appearance without blocking pores.

I say:
I found this moisturiser the perfect consistency for wearing under makeup. It doesn’t leave a shiny layer like a lot of thicker creams nor does it sink in and block my pores like other thinner moisturisers I’ve tried. My usual foundation is a thin colour correcting one because of my blemishes and varying skin tone, for this to work properly it needs to sit on the surface of my skin so it can colour adjust (it’s all very clever!) This moisturiser allows for this as its all absorbed on contact, without leaving any residue. Its also mattifying enough to help me look okay on non-makeup days, rather then a blotchy shiny mess!

This post was not written in collaboration with Freederm, nor is it sponsored or promoted in anyway – I’m just so pleased with these products I want other people with troublesome skin to be away of them! Therefore if you low anyone with oily problematic skin please share this post with them!

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2 thoughts on “Freederm: Keeping my oily skin spot free

    1. It’s the only thing that seems to work on my skin! Love your post, aveeno really helps my eczema too 🙂


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