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Clé de peau beauty: extra rich lipstick system

These products were a wonderful christmas gift from Canada. I was told that they were the top luxe beauty brand in the US and Canada so I wanted to do them justice for my review, swatching them on my lips rather then my hand!

This meant taking pictures of my ugly mug, the unfocused dodgy results of this are below.. so apologies for that! Luckily the Clé de peau website provides great product photos and this fabulous description of the lipsticks, which get across the real luxury feel and style of these products:


“A harmony of rich color and refined texture. As stirring as a rose in bloom. As seductively soft as a perfect petal.
A spectrum of 30 shades translated in three captivating finishes of radiant beauty.”

The range consists of one lipstick holder, which each of the individual refill shade clips into magnetically. The shades can be used without the holder, but are simple twist up tubes with a plastic cap which could easily be lost. I’m not exactly sure why they have produced the lipsticks like this, it seems daft to have one holder that needs to be loaded up with your lipstick choice. For the price (approx £16 for the holder and £25 for the refills) I’m sure a holder could have been built in? It all seems like a greedy money-grabbing scheme to me…

On a more positive note the lipsticks themselves are absolutely beautiful. The sticks have a gem-like design cut into them, giving a fabulous straight edge which I found made them perfect for creating a sharp cupids bow on my top lip. The colour range is vast..if you’re into pinks..and the texture is incredibly moisturising without affecting the pigment.



I was given a range of shades to try, I’ve written the corresponding numbers over my appalling gurning..
Hopefully you can see how moisturising they are, as they give full coverage without a matte or flaky appearance!

faces copy

Let me know what you think ^_^



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11 thoughts on “Clé de peau beauty: extra rich lipstick system

  1. I LOVE Clé de Peau!! By far the creamiest lipsticks I own and they have amazing color payoff. The only down fall is the price 😦
    Great post!

    xo Franchesca


    1. Thanks so much! I can really tell the quality of the company through the pigment and longevity of those lipsticks, its just such a shame they’ve made them quite unaffordable!


  2. I just nominated you for a Liebster award as i love your blog. If you check out my post on it, it will give you more information on what to do x


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