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Four eyes…

I should wear glasses all the time; but for years I’ve preferred to squint, blink and annoy people by constantly asking ‘what does that say?’  all because I hate how I look in specs!

It costs over £100 every time I go to an opticians and each time I feel pressured into picking frames quickly, usually following the advice of the bored consultant who probably works on commission. Cue me getting home and sulking, having spent a huge amount of money on something that makes me look even worse than normal.

I give in and wear them at college because when practising photography it’s usually advisable that you can see.. however on nights out my glasses stay firmly at home. There’s no need for beer goggles for me, my eyes are already so blurred that I can’t even make out my best friend waiting at a table for me, until she makes a fool out of herself by standing up and waving – it takes guts to be friends with me ^_^

The lack of sight also means I’ve been known to accidentally give evils to people when I’m actually just squinting to see if I know them. I never know where to find the toilets or what’s on the specials board and can I never read signs behind the bar – which usually results in me ordering vodka (safe bet) and the night goes down hill from there…

Luckily the lovely people at SpecsPost heard my cry for help and got in touch with me recently to tell me about their innovative home trial glasses service.  The concept is simple, and genius. You can take as long as you want to browse their website which offers over 1200 frame styles, organised by price, colour, shape, material and brand. Any glasses you like can be saved and compared at the end of your browse. They even offer a stylist service, wear you submit photos of your face and the stylist will suggest frames to suit your face and eye shape!

You can then either choose a frame and order it, after inputting your prescription details and selecting which of the multiple lens options you’d like, or for a small refundable deposit you can have a home trial. A home trial means you can have up to four frames sent to your house, for you to try out in your own time. You then have seven days to return the frames, so you can try them with different outfits, ask friends and family for their opinions and even wear them for a day to see if they pinch your nose – basically everything you can’t do in an opticians!

It took a while but I finally selected four pairs of glasses to try and now I’d like your advice! Which do you prefer? Click one image to start the gallery show! Please ignore my awkward posing, I’m not used to being in front of the camera >_<


Please comment below and let me know which you prefer! You can find more information about Specspost here xxx



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8 thoughts on “Four eyes…

  1. I love the duo two tone and the large round ‘retro’ ones! But for practicality and ones the won’t go out of fashion, I’d opt for the duo two tone.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick


  2. I like the retro ones and dear Darling?
    The pinky red look pretty with your lipstick. *is helpful*
    > – . – <


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