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High Fashion vs Reality check…

This weeks task from the Blogger Challenge is to write about High End Fashion vs High Street, we were given the option of comparing the products, talking about a high street dupe we’ve found or creating a wish list.

I’m a student and I can’t work a lot whilst studying, for health reasons, so my fashion budget has never been – nor probably ever will be – high end. There’s also the fact that I’m always about a month behind discovering new fashion looks because I can’t stand fashion magazines – give me a book any day – and there’s a slight issue of not being a 6ft+ Amazonian goddess-like model with the perfect skin tone to pull any colour trend off. No, my reality is I’m a 5’5, chubby, pale, (but not interestingly so), stupidly high-waisted, unproportionately big bobbed girl with a preference for cakes and chocolate that end to sit around my ‘love handles’ for the rest of my days on earth..

Anyway.. once I’d finished body-shaming myself again 😉 I returned to Net-A-Porter, the site I used to create my dream Valentines look, to have a look at their latest products. The pastel trend has not completely passed me by, so I looked their pastel ‘top picks’ before comparing them with the high street alternatives…


Beautiful aren’t they, but highly impractical for the normal girls life. I’m not sure what my aqua-zumba class would make of that swimsuit and if I wore such a sheer shirt I’d either commit massive a fashion crime by wearing an obvious boulder-holder, or get arrested for indecency and assault by going braless and inevitably knocking a few passers-by to the floor…

I chose to use Boohoo as my high-street comparison. It’s a favourite website of mine and often showcases its products by fashion trend, everything below is taken from the ‘chalk pastel’ section:

Instantly the products look more wearable then Net-A-Porters offerings. Although the styling is not as intricate, the materials not as luxury and the statement pieces not as strong – the facts are that each piece could be worn outside of a photographic studio without looking like an idiot and the prices are low enough to not matter if you only wear them whilst the trend is strong.

The pieces are so much more accessible to me, which is why there’s twice as many choices in this gallery and this amount of affordable choice is why I’d recommend high street every time!



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5 thoughts on “High Fashion vs Reality check…

  1. “get arrested for indecency and assault by going braless and inevitably knocking a few passers-by to the floor…” I found this comment seriously funny haha! I’m forever browsing the boohoo website and also doubt I’ll ever be able to afford high end designer clothes haha! x


  2. I’m not a big fan of Net-a-Porter despite how everyone uses it. I don’t like their prices and all their pieces is like meant to be in Gossip Girl. I’ve never heard of Boohoo but their stuff looks so much more suited for everyday people!


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