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I love George

Last week I indulged in a bit of retail therapy… Well, what really happened was my best friend was so fed up of hearing me complain about my tooth infection that she drove me to my favorite retail park and forced me to shop until I smiled again..

Her plan worked well as the first place we went to was one of the lovely Asda home and clothing stores, where I always find a few bargains. I worry about buying clothes in supermarkets because I think that the food smells will taint the materials, but these new stores take away that issue. Our store has a huge selection of clothing with the bottom floor devoted to women’s fashion, accessories, shoes, lingerie and homeware, whilst the top floor is shared between home technology, kidswear and mens fashion.

George have well and truly embraced Spring, proudly displaying all their new colourful lines at the front of the store and in the windows. The great thing is that they have remembered we live in the UK and spring doesn’t necessarily mean heat, so both the pastel and bright collections include a mixture of heavy and light fabrics with varying sleeve lengths, also allowing for weather savvy layering. These were my picks, all are available on the website here. Let me know what you think!



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