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But these dresses don’t fit?

The red carpet at the Oscar Award Ceremony: Officially one of couture fashions finest runways. Months of blood, sweat and tears go into each glamorous outfit …yet even the professionals can let these two tiny oversights ruin their creations:

Wearing a dress size too small…

Look for material stretching to meet at the seams, edges cutting into underarms and that unflattering pleating over curves that ought to be celebrated not restrained. Wearing a dress size too small is a classic fashion mistake that is always painfully obvious, usually when the wearer tries to walk, sit ..or eat!

Wearing a dress size too big…

Look for extra material swamping frames, undistinguished curves, shapeless column skirts, loose straps and baggy busts..

and the final most important thing that ALL designers should remember?

Nobody will ever look better than Jennifer Lawrence:


All images borrowed from Photo Credit: PA



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