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A little taste of heaven

Chocolate, Coconut biscuit, Custard Cream and a cute Canadian bear logo? Yes, yes and more yes.

With Nanaimo bars tipped as one of the Top Food Trends for 2014, Nanaimo Bars ‘the Original’ are the perfect way to satisfy any sweet tooth. Whether you’re having a coffee on the go, need a treat for your lunch box or you’re just at home and looking to impress at a dinner party, Nanaimo Bars the Original are a great and tasty alternative to traditional chocolate and confectionary.

I was a little bit dubious when these first arrived as I usually really dislike desiccated coconut, but these gorgeous little mouthfuls have the perfect amount in them. It’s definitely in there as I can taste the coconut flavour but because its mixed in with the biscuit first I don’t get that nasty, gritty, stuck-in-my-teeth texture that I associate with Snowball-like ‘delicacies’.

Nanamio bars taste like a very grown up version of that fridge cake everyone made at school. (Mashed up biscuit and melted chocolate, mixed with anything in the storage cupboards and left to set in the fridge – always delicious). The main difference is that these not only look much more beautiful, but also have a layer of flavoured custard cream that adds the sophisticated edge. This cream filling is currently available in four flavours – original (custardy), raspberry, caramel and mint. The flavours are distinctly different but each as amazing. My favourite has to be the caramel flavour as it reminds me of millionaires shortbread but without the sickly after-taste.

These are the perfect alternative gift to the usual box of chocolates or bunch of flowers. The cute little cubes are available in tubs online for £4.99 and are currently sold in individual sets (containing three cubes) at boutique cafés across London. This exclusivity means they are brilliant gifts for that person who already has everything the high street offers. They are also available at Selfridges who sell them in packs of two rectangular bars, which look very cute served with a scoop of gelato and fresh raspberries!

Larger bars. Image supplied by Nanaimo

Further Information from Nanaimo:

“Nanaimo Bars the Original are traditional Canadian bars made up of three mouth-watering layers of coconut biscuit, custard cream, and premium Belgian chocolate with a dash of bourbon vanilla. Using her Grandmother’s original recipe from 1953, Rebecca Jeavons-Fellows and her mother, the team behind Nanaimo Bars the Original have mastered and perfected the recipe over the years, developing two new flavours alongside the original – Caramel and Mint. The sweet treats are best served chilled from the fridge, giving you a big bear hug for your taste buds.”

Within two months of their launch in April 2013, Nanaimo Bars the Original were being stocked in Selfridges, Birmingham, as part of the ‘Local Food Heroes’ campaign. Due to high demand and great feedback from customers, Nanaimo Bars the Original continued to be stocked and have now been available in Selfridges, Birmingham, for over ten months. Since the launch, the popular Canadian treats have also been tipped as the ‘most stand out product’ at Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival where they appeared in late August 2013. While Rebecca, who runs the business side of the brand, also won The Grocer award in 2013 for Top New Talent, making it on to the magazine’s cover as one of the ‘rising stars of the grocery industry’ alongside other category winners that included both Ella’s Kitchen and L’Oreal.

All of Nanaimo Bars the Original’s products are made with the best premium and fresh ingredients, from free-range eggs to fair-trade cocoa and real Belgian chocolate made with 100% cocoa butter. Making these handmade bars the finest quality and too tasty to just have one. For those in need a daily fix, a week’s supply of the original bars are available online at for £12.00 alongside the sharing tubs in all three flavours – Original, Caramel and Mint – for just £5.99. While Selfridges, Birmingham, currently stock the original bars in a larger size that is ideal for dinner parties, for £4.99. The original smaller bars are also available in the up-and-coming Huntergather Cafe in London, part of the Huntergather retail store, where they are served with coffee while you browse the latest fashions and trends.

For more information about Nanaimo Bars the Original and their products visit or follow them on twitter @nanaimobarsuk




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