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Canvas Dreams – A Competition

As a student photographer I can vouch for the fact that getting photographs printed is expensive. Even the websites that charge a small amount for the actual printing process whack up the price for presentation services such as framing, canvases and photos books and that’s before adding high postage charges at the end…

Luckily I can, thanks to the wonderful people at Canvas Design, offer you the chance to win a canvas  printed with an image of your choice – absolutely free! You can even choose the canvas size, up to 40″ x 40″ which is worth about £60!!

To help me advertise this competition Canvas Design asked me to submit an image for printing, I chose one of my favourite shots from my photography portfolio; taken last year of a sunset at the beach by my uncles caravan. I’m still very much a beginner in photography so when I do manage to take a good shot I’m extremely proud of it – what better way to celebrate then to get it mounted on the wall?

Original Image

Finished Canvas


I’ll admit when I was offered a free canvas I thought I’d get a tiny A5 sample canvas through the letterbox, so imagine my surprise when the doorbell went and this huge beast arrived at my door! It’s about A2 in size and it is beautiful presented. I chose to take a side-view image so that you can see that the image wraps around the side of the canvas before being secured at the back – this prevents those nasty white sides usually visible on cheap canvas prints and makes the whole thing look extremely professional.

I’ve also included a close up shot to show you that the photo detail is not distorted by being printed on to material, there are no lumps or bumps or scratches – in fact from far away the image looks like it’s been printed on photo paper, it’s that clear! I’m taking part in a photography exhibition soon and will definitely consider getting my work printed on to canvas now – something I’ve always ruled out before!

On to the competition!

Enter here to be in with a chance of getting your own image printed on to a canvas of any size* and delivered free (UK only) The competition ends at midnight Saturday 22nd, and a winner will be picked by random on Sunday. Not only that, but I can offer every reader a discount code too! Simply use ‘Blog 15’ to get 15% off your total order with Canvas Design

*up to 40″ x 40″ (About A1)



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11 thoughts on “Canvas Dreams – A Competition

  1. What a lovely idea! I would love to have a canvas of my special wedding day or of my little pooch!


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