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Mothers Day with New Look

I was asked to create a Mothers Day outfit with New Look fashion, and my mum couldn’t have been more excited to join in!

We poured over the website as together we picked an outfit for her. At first she was a little worried as at sixty years young she is not in New Look’s target audience, but there were so many items she loved that it wasn’t a problem to put a cute outfit together!

For Mothers day I’m taking mum out for lunch, so we based her outfit on this occasion.
Here’s what she chose, click the picture to see the item on New Look’s website.
All images are borrowed from New Look and annotated by my mum!

So what do you think of her choices? ..and how do I break it to her that I can’t buy her the whole outfit…?



Digital Copywriter. Background in visual communications, brand management, visual merchandising and retail management.

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