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Rediscovering Chiquito!

When I lived in Aberdeen I actually lived in the two Chiquito restaurants.. for the simple reasoning that they had heating, whilst I didn’t; they had gorgeous food, I didn’t and they had a fabulous seaside location, I didn’t. We must have gone for dinner there at least twice a week, so much so that the staff  knew us by name and knew what we were going to order (and often gave us extra churros, but sssh)

I was so upset when I moved back to the Midlands and had no Chiquito restaurant to go to 😦 However, four years later one has opened right on my doorstep, and I finally managed to visit it last week!

“Here at Chiquito we’re passionate about food! Our dishes are made with the tastiest of ingredients, packed full of flavour to really tantalise your taste buds. Whether you’re looking for a tasty treat or a light bite, Chiquito is the place to be!”

If you love Mexican food, this is the restaurant to seek out. If it’s wacky decor, intimate seating and varied menu don’t tempt you, the cocktail list certainly will! Me and the girls (Kathryn, Gemma and Becky) headed to the bar to await a table and had a quick debate before settling on trying the Woo-Woo cocktail:

“This is one of our most popular cocktails! Eristoff vodka, Archers peach schnapps, cranberry and fresh lime juice”

Chiquito’s run a brilliant happy (three) hour promotion from 5-8, mon to fri. The Woo Woo cocktail is normally £4.95 whilst a 4 glass pitcher is £18.95, but during happy hour the cocktail is £4 and the pitchers are £12!

Mathematically it only made sense to order pitchers, right? So that was a pitcher each please! Naughty girls! The cocktail was perfectly made; with enough of the cranberry and lime to add distinct flavours, but not so much that one over powered the other.

Photo 03-04-2014 14 49 53

On to the food, feeling frivolous we all ordered starters.
Being the dutiful blogger that I am, I asked my friends to photograph their meals for me..

The Starters

Photo 03-04-2014 14 31 03

Gemma and Kathryn both had the Garlic Bread £4.95

“Oven baked flatbread oozing with garlic & herbs. Choose plain, with cheese or with chilli for an extra kick!”

Me and Becky ordered the Gem Lettuce Wraps £5.45

“Baby gem lettuce leaves for wrapping your choice of filling. Choose from: chorizo & sweetcorn, BBQ chorizo & sweetcorn (Becky’s) or sweet potato & feta cheese (Mine). Served with a lime & tequila sauce”

Both starters were delicious, though the garlic bread trumped the wraps with flavour and portion size. However, the wraps were cute (although messy) to make up, just like healthy baby fajitas ^_^

Cocktail Number Two (Five):

Yes, during the starters we’d all finished four glasses worth of cocktail.. whoops…
This time the girls ordered Key West Coolers (£6.45)

“A layered cocktail of Malibu rum, Midori, Archers peach schnapps, Eristoff vodka, orange and cranberry juice”

I tried the Apple Jack Sour (£6.95) as I can’t resist Jack Daniels!

“Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey shaken with freshly pressed apple juice, fresh lime juice and a dash of ginger syrup, served long over ice”

This was very sour (!) which I found refreshing but no-one else liked, so be sure of your tastebuds before you order it. It was really refreshing and acted a bit like a sorbet,  cleansing my palate for the main course! (That’s what the posh people do)

Main Courses:

Photo 03-04-2014 14 33 07

Bbq Pulled Pork Chimichanga: £11.95

“A golden brown, fried flour tortilla filled with Mexican spiced rice, Mexican beans, Texan cheese sauce, melted cheese and then your favourite filling. Choose from: veggie five bean chilli (v), beef chilli, spicy chicken, BBQ pulled pork, or hot Habaneros mushrooms”


Chiquito Street Style Burrito £10.95

“Oven baked soft flour tortilla packed with Texan cheese sauce, Mexican beans and Mexican spiced rice. Choose from: veggie five bean chilli (v), beef chilli, spicy chicken, BBQ pulled pork or hot Habaneros mushrooms”


Southern Fried Chicken Topped With Bbq Pulled Pork £14.95

“Southern fried chicken breast topped with BBQ pulled pork and melted cheese. Served with skin-on-fries, corn on the cob, onion rings, our homemade coleslaw and BBQ sauce”


Chicken and Bbq Pulled Pork Fajitas F15.95

“Classic chicken breast topped with BBQ pulled pork and melted cheese Served over a bed of spiced fajita onions and mixed peppers, with warm, soft flour tortillas, grated cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole.”

Everyone loved their food, the portions were so generous that we were all too full to have pudding!

Instead we…well we ordered another round of cocktails…

Photo 03-04-2014 14 30 13

This time Gemma and Kathryn had Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri’s £6.95

“Barcardi rum and fresh lime juice blended with your favourite fruit puree. Choose flavours from: Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Mango, Raspberry, Peach”

..whilst Me and Becky had Pina Coladas. £6.45

“Created in Puerto Rico but has travelled the world to become a classic! BACARDI rum blended with pineapple juice and coconut cream”

This was the only cocktail I was disappointed in, I’d expected a creamy milkshake consistency but this was served over crushed ice so was a lot grittier then I wanted, Becky liked hers though!

Finally it was time to ask for the bill…
Luckily after taking full advantage of happy hour we were also able to take up Chiquito’s 25% student discount (apply online)

They also offer a 25% discount to members of the Armed Forces and a 20% discount for employees of Marks and Spencer, John Lewis. and Asda. We ended up paying just under £40 a head, for a fab meal and six cocktails each ^_^

We had a great time at Chiqutos, the waitresses were lovely and kept coming to chat with us, telling us that we were more fun then the other tables ^_^ I can’t wait to make a return visit!

Hola Chiquito!



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4 thoughts on “Rediscovering Chiquito!

  1. You lived in Aberdeen! Cool! 🙂
    I looooove the look of the garlic bread! Great post! I’d definitely check out a Chiquito now! X


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