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Blackhead Killer!

This week I reviewed a fabulous new face mask. StyleLux have a produced a ‘Blackhead Killer’, a skin product that actually does what it says! The facemask is very thick and rather dauntingly it is pure black, with the consistency of tar… However it feels soothing and cool on the skin, and after ten minutes it dries to an easy-peel off mask.

To try it I used the mask on my T-zone and my chin, as these are the nasty oily areas of my skin (the rest is dry) and took this attractive picture for you all…

Photo 31-03-2014 21 17 21

Once I peeled off the mask I could feel it drawing out the impurities from my pores, the bits of mask I removed had lots of nasty gunk attached to it, which was gross but meant my skin was definitely clean and so smooth to touch! There was some residue from the mask,  mainly from tricky areas like the creases at the side of my nose and where the mask had gone over my eyebrow, which were a bit difficult to remove. However, I just used a normal wash off cleanser on these areas and they quickly came loose.


The mask costs £14.95 for five packs, so that’s roughly £2.50 a pack and I’d advise using them once a week. If you have congested skin these will work wonders for you, give them a go! Buy them here and let me know what you think xx



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3 thoughts on “Blackhead Killer!

  1. This sounds like a great product, I suffer so badly with blackheads! I think I’ll have to give this a try.
    Thanks for the review!!

    Jess xo


  2. Think I might have to try this out! I’m really crap at moisturising myself and staying hydrated so I get ALL of the blackheads. Will deffo pick this up at some point in the future!


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