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Nokia Lumia 1320

I was asked to test the latest phone offering from Nokia.
…I say phone, to me this beast is more of a mini laptop!

Described as a ‘large screen business phone’ the handset measures around 6.5 x 3.5 inches with a 6 inch screen, so yes this phone isn’t exactly palm sized. However it does mean that people with rubbish eyesight like me can see everything really clearly! Now I am a complete Apple fan and am used to the i-menu layouts but I decided to take this for a spin and see if I could be swayed….

Size Comparison:

The Display:

As you can see from the images below (taken with my dslr) the LED screen is very bright and so is easy to read. I think I’d actually have to try to turn down the brightness slightly if I was using it for an extended amount of time. The Panda picture is a demo Word document – the phone has a mini Microsoft package installed to allow you to create and share documents, tables, spreadsheets and presentations whilst on the go!

The Menu:

The Nokia menu is possibly its biggest down fall in my eyes. It’s in list form and the words move really fast when you scroll through the options. They also don’t stop scrolling as soon as you remove your finger from the screen, so there’s a delay before a juddering stop. For me the result of this was that my eyes tried and catch up with the moving text and I got that same horrible motion sickness feeling I get when reading in the car. Now this could well be unique to me, but it not only gave me a severe headache, it made me feel so dizzy I had to go to bed!
I’d love to know if anyone else has had this experience?


The Camera:

Possibly the most important question when buying a phone nowadays; how good is the camera? The Nokia Lumia 1320 has a 5 megapixel camera, (my iPhone 5c camera has 8 megapixels) as well as a secondary camera (for selfies!) that has 0.3 megapixles (my iPhone 5c has 1.2) …so photography is not this phones strong point. The primary camera works well enough, I got a few decent shots from it to show you, but first I want to cover the secondary ‘selfie’ camera.. which is horrendous. Below is an example of a normal ‘selfie’ shot with the secondary camera, followed by one taken with the ‘Nokia Glam Me’ filter (an instagram style beauty filter). Although the ‘glam me’ version does give me softer clearer looking skin, the image quality for both images is too poor to share online, i.e. for a beauty blog post.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Testing the primary camera:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These filters are fab, but could easily be applied with any number of editing apps available for all smartphones. I wouldn’t buy the phone based on these, even if they are pretty!

I wanted to show you the video quality and the special picture option that allows some animation in a still photograph, for example a single petal of a motionless flower moving slowly in the breeze! (Yes, I thought of Harry Potter too!)
However, the files will not open on my iMac. It seems the divide between Windows and Apple is still as strong as ever. If you currently use Mac products don’t, what ever you do, purchase a Windows phone. For a start you will find it very hard to access any images you’ve taken or open any video/audio files. Although it IS now possible to transfer files from old apple devices to new windows ones, it’s not yet easy to do this the other way around.

In Conclusion:

Overall I’d say this phone is great for those who are looking for an alternative to a laptop or tablet. The Microsoft package is more than adequate for taking notes or editing work on the go. The screen is very clear and easy to navigate. However for the casual phone user I wouldn’t recommend this, its huge to hold, so is very cumbersome to use. This isn’t the phone for pulling out of your bra (come on, we all keep them in there on nights out) and snapping a quick selfie in the bathroom mirror.

This is a serious phone for serious people, you know, those who do actual real work 😉

Find out more about Nokia’s range of phones on their website



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