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The Gadget Show

Thanks to Curry’s Pc World I was able to attend the gadget show last week! This already amazing show was extra special this year as it coincided with the tv series’ 10th anniversary.

For those that do not know ‘The Gadget Show’ is hosted by four fabulously clever people who discuss and try out the latest consumer gadgets. The yearly show allows the public to try out the best gadgets in the flesh!

The hall was crammed with over a hundred stands showing techno-masterpieces (new word) ranging from crazy camera attachments to eco-cars to dancing robots to nail stamps! You can read about the show in depth here.

I tried to snap everything whilst dodging among the crowds:

The main part of the day is a live show held by the four tv presenters: Ortis Deley, Jason Bradbury, Jon Bentley and the lovely Rachel Riley. I was hoping to be sat close enough to see some of the stage goings-on but I never expected us to get front row seats!
Here are some photos from the show, which included pyrotechnics, a giant cake, dancers, bikes, race cars and special guest performers!

I was really tempted to buy one these little babies. They are mini lenses that attach on to your phone, over the camera. Here are examples of the macro zoom (look how close it can get and how much detail it picks up without blurring) and the fish eye lens. They are made by Olloclip and range from £40 Р£70 depending on your phone type.

The show was brilliant but there was so much to see and so many people to get past to access everything!¬†Although the show is over for the year you can find out about all the exhibitors on the main website, there’s some amazing technology breakthroughs that I think you will love to read about, whatever your interest!



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