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Style Loft

Style Loft is not your usual online clothes store, they pride themselves in being a fashion boutique. They sell a limited range of unique designs, with five new additions each month, and once they’ve sold out they aren’t available again. This means that you can be sure you will never be wearing the same thing as someone else!

This is the place to craft your individual style, and I promise you’ll constantly be asked ‘where did you buy that?’

“The Style Loft is a high fashion online boutique, specialising in women’s latest styles and trends. An independent, forward thinking stockist of up and coming designers, The Style Loft supports the launch of items of individuality for the fashion conscious.”

A new online boutique!

The lovely people at Style Loft asked me to review two of their items, I gave my dress size and based on my blog and individual style they sent out two exclusive pieces – risky, but I love them both!

The first item they sent me was ‘The Natalie’ a black and cream leaf print zip up play suit, retailing at £19.99

“Silk style Playsuit that can be worn zipped up to the top or down to reveal a side collar. Styled for the sophisticated, this Playsuit looks great with a pair of wedges.”

I’m not a great fan of playsuits. I see people embracing the trend everywhere and they usually look very tight, especially around a certain area.. I also wonder if coming up 28 means me and my body have missed the boat on this trend. However the soft silk material of this suit meant it was loose and skimmed my skin rather than stick to it. I’m 5’5 and I think I could have done with an extra inch in the body length, as it tended to ride up as I walked, but anyone under 5’4 should be fine! The suit has a side zip at the front which can be pulled up completely to give a smart high neckline and faux folded collar, or it can be lowered to a summery lower neckline – as I’ve chosen to do in these images.



The second item was this beautiful ‘Rosey’ Swing shirt collared dress, £18.50.

“The Rosey Swing Dress is the most flattering dress on the market, with it’s slim fitting long sleeves and swing bottom it makes anyone look a million dollars. This dress looks great with tights, leggings or jeans during the day or heels for a glamorous evening look.”

In the packet it looked a bit like a nest of material, so I was unsure how flattering it would be. However once I tried it on with some jade heels it came into a life of its own – I love it! I feel like a french artist wandering by the seine. The shirt is very full and floaty yet still tapered at the waist and provides a fabulous cleavage if left unbuttoned! On the website the shirt is done up fully and the sleeves are buttoned on the model here, it looks a bit more formal and fitted on her, but I embraced my informal casual side.



Let me know below what you think of these two items and be sure to have a look on the website – don’t blame me if you want to order everything!



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