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Rise like a Phoenix

This is tricky. As everyone knows I’m a huge supporter and campaigner of LGBT rights, yet I also support free speech. Last night at Eurovision an incredibly strong tranvestite, Conchita Wurst, made a stand against sexual stereotypes by singing a song of acceptance wearing a ball gown and sporting a beard…

She is campaigning for acceptance across the world, and managed to get her message across during a wildly televised performance that many countries, including Russia, will have seen. Her appearance, and therefore her message, will make the news headlines across the globe and will challenge thinking and start important conversations.


I will continue to fight against discrimination and for tolerance. I am convinced that in the 21st century really every person has the right to live as he wants, as long as no one else is injured or limited in his freedom

To see this brave statement and following performance reduced down to “the bearded lady won”, “it was a gimmick” and “why didn’t she bleach her beard” – just some of the comments on my social media pages – undermines any good she has tried to do. I support free speech, so can’t tell you what to say or what to think; I just find it sad that Conchita’s message is of love and acceptance, nothing radical there, yet it is quickly met with ignorance, amusement and even hatred. That disappoints me, and taints what should be an amazing day in the history of human acceptance.

Conchita’s acceptance speech included this message:

This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom.

We are a unity and we are unstoppable

On a happier note: search for her name on Twitter, Facebook or other platforms and you will find the love and pride of Conchita far outweighs the negative comments. I guess it’s naive to expect complete happiness and acceptance for her.. Even if I truly believe that’s what she, and every person on this planet, deserves.

Hear ‘Rise like a Pheonix’ here

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6 thoughts on “Rise like a Phoenix

  1. Great post! I was really REALLY happy that Conchita won and was especially pleased that the United Kingdom gave Austria 12 points. I didn’t go on Facebook during Eurovision, but I checked it after, and I was disappointed to see lots of negative comments like you mentioned. But, I guess even the most popular people have people saying negative things about them, which is a sad fact of life. X


  2. I don’t care anymore of stupid people’s comments, so I avoided to surf the net: I just enjoyed the contest and I’m proud of Conchita’s victory. Despite it isn’t my genre of music, it was the first time I’ve listen to her and I liked her voice! It is a a big step of everyone 🙂

    Valentina from LinkedIn


      1. I was being humorous… y’know, completely missing that he has a beard but instead noticing how the wig is a bit too far forward, as though it has slipped.

        Kind of loses something in translation! 😉


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