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Love my figure, Love my fashion

Isn’t it frustrating when you are ordering clothes online and the only images of the items show them being worn by impossibly tall, skinny and toned models? You just know that these girls would look good in a bin bag, let alone the little black dress you have your eye on. How are we average sized people supposed to know if their outfit will fit us just as nicely?

Then when your order arrives you find that the material has no give, all lumps are visible for the world to see and there is no possible way of hiding a bra strap.  I send back about 90% of clothes I order online, mainly because manufactures have forgotten that a lot of girls have boobs, a bum, hips, tummy fat… so their beautiful tailored shirt and skinny jeans fit a lot like this:

Only a  few weeks ago I stated out loud that I would stop ordering clothes online. This was after returning an entire 12 item order to Asos and the vast majority of a New Look order because the clothes simply did not fit me like they appeared to on the screen. Again, I apologize for not being 5’9, for not having small boobs that are safe without a bra, and for having a women’s tummy.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are plenty of women out there who have naturally slender figures, I don’t mean to shame on them at all, I just wish I had the same wardrobe opportunities.

lmf lm t

Just after declaring myself free from online shopping I discovered ‘Love my figure, Love my fashion’; a website that aims to help people like me out. Whilst it would be impossible for large manufactures such as Asos and New Look to reshoot all of their clothes using a range of body sizes, it would be helpful if the items were labelled by body shape. This is where ‘Love my figure, Love my fashion’ comes in. This start-up website has trawled the fashion sites and identified which clothes fit which figures. You simply enter your hip, waist and chest measurements and they tell you what dress shape you are – they will even post out a free tape measure to help you with this – then the site lists clothing from various retailers that are sure to fit you, and the best bit is that they use models with the same body shape to showcase each style!

My measurements told me that I had an hour-glass shape – no surprise there, my fat sticks to my chest and hips first! The site then listed over 48 items from different shops for me to view.  I was lucky enough to be provided with a £20 voucher to spend and after much perusing I chose this ‘Aztec’ Dress from Daisy Street.  *cue bad posing*
Please excuse the eczema x


The dress is lovely, I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t fit the ladies in but there was just enough room up top – I’m an E cup and I’d say any larger sizes would risk stretching the pattern slightly. I did find the dress too short for my personal taste, but that’s nothing a pair of black tights won’t solve! The drawn in waist actually sat where my waist sits (a little higher than normal) so it fitted my shape perfectly!
The dress is available here for £24.99

The company seems to be still quite new and I’m sure it will expand rapidly as more and more people get to know about it. For now there are a few teething problems I found, for example quite a few of the hour-glass options didn’t provide much boob-room – I am yet to find a true hourglass girl who has small boobs – and a few of the items I liked where out of stock in some sizes.
However, I truly believe this is a genius way to shop and the company will take off hugely as they get more fashion brands on board, Watch this space!



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2 thoughts on “Love my figure, Love my fashion

  1. … by the way, the site is brilliant!! Thank you for this post! Me too I have some extra cms but big boobs aren’t a bad thing (at least this is what I think).
    Have a great day!!

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