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Introducing Arbonne Skincare – Natural Beauty

Arbonne is a 32-year old health and wellness company with a Swiss heritage.  The Arbonne products are botanically based, hypoallergenic and vegan friendly. They contain NO animal by-products or fillers, no preservatives, no mineral oil and no paragons.  Because they use no artificial fragrances, the product smells of its ingredients – a delicious mixture of floral and fruity extracts.

Arbonne Difference

I was given the opportunity to review a range of products from Arbonne, who were so incredibly generous that I have five product ranges to review!
In order to review each product properly I’m spacing the reviews out over a few weeks, this stops me bombarding you with information and also ensures that my skin isn’t overloaded with newness .

The first products that I’ve chosen to review are from the FC5 range,  I have been testing the  Complexion Revitalizing Set which is designed specifically for dry to normal skin. The set consists of a day lotion, night crème and hydrating cleanser+ freshener, each item is also available to purchase separately.


I’ll begin with the day lotion which is described as “A rich moisturiser [which] filters UV rays to help prevent sunburn. Leaves skin feeling moisturised and looking more youthful”. I was told that with this product a little goes a long way, and they weren’t wrong! I use a pea size amount and that’s more than enough for my face and neck. Despite being a rich cream the texture is still light enough to not feel heavy on my skin. Instantly my skin feels not only moisterised but also smoother, meaning it becomes a perfect base for my foundation. I used to struggle with patchy flaky foundation marks,  despite which cosmetic brand I tried, but this moisturiser has really helped prevent this – there’s no need  to use a serum or primer!

The hydrating cleanser + freshener is a ‘moisture-enriched facial cleanser which freshens the skin, helping to keep it looking more youthful and revitalised’. The important thing to note with this product is that it goes on moist skin, I prefer this to smearing cream over a made-up face but it did throw me the first time I used it without reading the instructions properly. Once I used it correctly I found that it removed the makeup without my skin feeling ‘tight’ afterwards. Again this took some getting used to as at first I thought it hadn’t worked properly as my skin didn’t feel squeaky clean, but that’s because the cleanser not only cleanses the skin of impurities but also refreshes it, preventing that squeaky dry feeling!

My favorite product of the trio is the gorgeous night crème. “This rich moisturising crème nurtures skin whilst you sleep, helping to maintain young, beautiful skin.” This is where the FC5 fragrance is strongest, specifically the mandarin extract. Don’t get me wrong, this creme does not have a sickly synthetic ‘orange’ scent – no, this has that fresh sharp scent of a just ripened orange, instantly making me think of summer holidays in France – it really is absolutely beautiful. The crème itself is not night cream as I know it, in fact I usually avoid night cream as they are too heavy on my skin. This is a revelation to me! A thick moisturising cream that goes on so lightly you’d believe it was a mousse? Yes please! There is no sticky residue or clammy skin feeling either, just refreshed soft skin from night ’til morning. 


The products above are priced at £32 for the day lotion, £20 for the cleanser and £45 for the night crème. The set is available for £86, a saving of £11 – all the products are the same size in the set. If the set is a stretch for you then I recommend going for the night crème, a truly beautiful product!

All Arbonne products can be purchased through Arbonne consultants; they sell through network marketing, or online from their website where discounts and membership schemes are available.





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5 thoughts on “Introducing Arbonne Skincare – Natural Beauty

  1. Thank you for the wonderful review! I am so happy you loved the FC5 line. The products are cutting edge and business brilliant. 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I’m so pleased you love the FC5 line. The products are cutting edge and business brilliant!


  3. I love Arbonne products. I was introduced to them a while ago and am now a preferred client so I get discounted purchases. I was also out with a friend last night who bought some products when a friend of mine who is a consultant came round, and she said that her skin has never been better and people are always commenting. Fabulous products! Kimxx

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