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Arbonne Baby Care

No, you have not missed a newsflash – I have not had a baby! I do, however, have extremely sensitive skin which requires very natural, softening and soothing products. When I had a skin consultation with Heika from Arbonne she advised me to use the Arbonne Baby Care (ABC) range:

“ABC Baby Line: This is a great line for very sensitive skin. My recommendation is to use the baby oil and diaper cream together on your eczema. You should notice a reduction in itching and redness within a few days. The baby wash and lotion is what I recommend using during and after showering.”

Heika from Arbonne.

Arbonne is a 32-year old health and wellness company with a Swiss heritage.  The Arbonne products are botanically based, hypoallergenic and vegan friendly They contain NO animal by-products or fillers, no preservatives, no mineral oil and no paragons.  Because they use no artificial fragrances, the product smells of its ingredients – a delicious mixture of floral and fruity extracts.

The baby range does not really have a scent, especially the diaper/nappy cream. I don’t mind this as it suggests to me that the products are very natural and have not had any nasty chemical fragrances added. This also means that I can layer perfume over the top without being concerned that the fragrances may clash, I can only wear a few perfumes without reacting so this is a real issue for me!


The products are all beautiful and easily absorb into the skin; even the oil, which at first seem worryingly thick, absorbs and leaves a beautiful glisten to the skin. My favorite product is the herbal diaper/nappy cream which I use whenever my eczema has a major flare. You know the ones that are totally unexpected and mean that you go from normal to wanting to rip your own skin off in seconds? Don’t rip, smother! This cream takes longer to sink in as it’s so thick, so for a while you will have white limbs and must avoid fabrics, but it’s totally worth it. A must for eczema suffers, I’ve found it also reduces the inflammation and redness of spots, helps dry lips, softens feet and provides relief for insect bites too!

The baby care set (pictured above) contains 5 products for $100 (approx £59) it is worth $109 (approx £65). The set includes: Herbal Nappy Cream, Water-Resistant Sunscreen SPF 30, Hair & Body wash, Body lotion and Body oil. It is designed specifically for babies skin, thus is perfect for sensitive skin of all ages. The products are each available separately, if I could only pick one I’d suggest the Herbal diaper/nappy cream for $19 (approx £11.50) as it does everything! You can purchase Arbonne products here

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