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Wear Eponymous

You may well have seen Wear Eponymous on Twitter or Facebook, their social media presence is increasing daily – and I basically am very nosy and wanted to know what all the fuss was about!

“Wear Eponymous is a new fashion brand with a fresh and fun approach to the industry we know, love and as individuals have worked in for many years. We think everyone should embrace their individuality and eponymous means uniquely you. Shopping with us you’re choosing to dress for yourself, to follow key trends without following the crowd and, most importantly, be your own story.”


“We know fashion, styling and trends because it’s what we do.  Collectively our award-winning team has worked internationally on campaigns, magazine editorials and with many celebrities. It’s not just about clothing for us; it’s about providing a stress-free and stylish online shopping destination where every piece is contemporary, beautifully constructed and fits perfectly into your wardrobe.”

W.E specifically state on their website that they work to promote a positive and healthy ethos throughout the business. They only work with models of a healthy weight – a hugely important step that other fashion houses really need to follow –  and have a very strong focus on positive body image. It was this that made me want to share the brand with you all, oh and the fact that they offer some beautiful clothes too! My only disappointment with the brand is that currently the majority of their clothes stop at size 14, yet the average size of the UK woman is size 16.. I’m hoping this is just because they are a new brand with limited availability and a more relatable size range will be available in the near future.

W.E currently have a sale on which runs to Monday 7th July, after which I believe the items will go back to full price – so be quick!

Here are my favorites from the current range, what do you think?
Available here






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