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Risky Beads – Freedom to love

It has taken a while, but I have finally become a total Etsy convert. It’s the perfect place to find unique gifts; handmade with the care, pride and finesse that you just don’t get from main retailers. An example of this is Risky Beads – an Etsy shop I stumbled across whose owner creates beautiful personalised jewellery to your own specifications.

Risky Beads did not sponsor me or ask me to produce this post, I just really wanted to share my latest purchase:


The majority of products sold by Risky beads are completely customizable; for example with the ribbon wraps you can choose the ribbon, the metal, the phrase and the type/font. Lori, the owner, includes images of her own hand-stamped designs to inspire you, which is where I stumbled across the phrase ‘Freedom to Love’ on this beautiful ring. I was shopping a few days before Birmingham Pride, and a few weeks after falling for Conchita Wurst and all she stands for, so this phrase resonated with me. I am a strong supporter of the right to love whoever you want to and I believe that the message ‘Freedom to love’ encapsulates this right and deserves to be shared around the world – starting on my arm! I chose to order the phrase hand-stamped on one of the ribbon bracelets, selecting ‘small type upper’ on an aluminum bar.


I felt it made sense to order a rainbow ribbon to resemble my pride in both my own sexuality and that of others – as well as my pride in people like Conchita for standing up for what they believe and making it easier for others to do the same. Lori also gives the option to order additional ribbons in different colours in case you find it hard to choose from the beautiful selection below:

Ribbon colours

My order came to £19.12 including postage to England from America, the total price varies slightly depending on your choice of metal – copper is £1 more then aluminum – and location, but this is all clearly explained in the ordering process. As you can order any phrase up to 30 letters long – I urge you to get creative and take this opportunity to spread your message in the most elegant, beautiful way possible.

I truly love my bracelet and wear it everyday, Thanks Risky Beads!



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