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My Modani living room

Today I’ve worked with Modani to create a living room that uses their products and reflects my signature style. Unbeknown to them I’m actually trained in the basics of interior design! I was both the brand manager and visual merchandising manager for a large British food and clothing company – I’ll give you a clue, it involved quite a bit of Magic & Sparkle…

I loved my job, and this little activity reminds me of exactly the part I loved best – matching bold feature products with ‘safer’ key-pieces to produce an eye-catching, dramatic but believable product displays.

As you know, accessories can make or break an outfit, just like they can for a home. Whether it be a statement necklace that adds the finishing touch to a dress like a statement mirror pulls together a room or those bright heels to pull together the perfect casual outfit like the colorful pillows pull together the sofa set. We want to see how you would infuse your style in a room. Modarni.

My personal style is quite simple, with vibrant flashes of colour added to my outfits using make-up and accessories. I tend to wear a lot of neutral colours; blacks, greys, creams etc, but team them with a neon handbag or a multi-coloured scarf. This is the style I wanted to incorporate into my Modani living room.. I give you my grey and lime (yup, lime!) creation, all based around the grey Bergamo sofa from the modern sofa collection.

Coming from a house where the interior designer extraordinare (i.e: Mum) thinks that every wall should be a feature wall and no surface should remain plain… I am now a huge believer in accent colours, used sparingly to add contrast and interest. The grey Bergamo sofa will fit perfectly into my dream flat (yup, I’m moving, more on that later…when we find somewhere…) but it would need to be dressed up with something zany and eye-catching – the lime cushions (two plain, one patterned) are perfect for this! The black lamp, bookcase and rug add an extra dimension of negative colour and the stunning ‘Stella’ mirror would work as a further feature piece alone on a plain wall. What do you think?

For more info on each item, simple click its pic below!

Bergamo Sofa
Epso Shelves
Caterina Table
Nagpur Cushion
Valor Vase
Barcelo Lamp
Neon Pillow
Bandera lamp
Stella Mirror
Jarren Light
Lina Charcoal Rug
Moss Coat Rack


Digital Copywriter. Background in visual communications, brand management, visual merchandising and retail management.

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