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How to photograph fireworks…

It’s almost New Years Eve!! This means fireworks, but after bonfire night I realised just how hard it is to take good pictures of the shiny parties in the sky. They  are so bright, so quick and so smoky.. how do you capture them perfectly like the professionals do?!

Well, now I know! Here are some top tips – and fabulous pictures – from photography experts: Jessops Academy!

First, the pics:

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Second, the tips:

1. With any successful photograph, advanced planning is necessary to help capture the event. If it’s a public event get there early, displays over water or impressive landmarks are always popular and photogenic.

2. Find out where the fireworks will be set off so you can get a good vantage point.

3. Cameras are now developing to help you take better photos without you having to know manual mode settings. So have a look on your scene modes to see if it has a firework mode. The camera will take multiple exposures or set the camera for you, giving you amazing results for you to treasure.

4. Use a tripod, the self-timer button, or cable release cable if your camera has this function to stop camera shake. This will help you take a steady picture without having to touch the shutter button on the camera.

5. If you’re using a camera that has manual controls, most successful photos are multiple exposures (several images on the same photograph). If the camera doesn’t take multiple exposures set it to B(bulb) so your shutter is open, you can put your lens cap or piece of card across the lens for as many times as you like to get multiple exposures. Then close the shutter, you can repeat this as many times as you like.

6. Your film speed /ISO should be set at 100.

7. Vary your focal length (ZOOM) for different effects. Just like the photographs in the gallery above.

8. Set your camera up while it’s light or carry a small torch to see your settings at night. Your camera might even have a light on the LCD display to help you at night.

9. Watch for the wind so you don’t get smoke in the picture or over you.

10. As long as you like the photo that’s all that matters, as photography is all about memories and book marks in time.

Share your images in the comments below! Oh, and Happy New Year!!!

About Jessops

Jessops is an iconic British retail brand which opened its first store in Leicester in 1935. Over the last 79 years it has built an unrivalled reputation as the UK’s leading photographic specialist due to its highly trained staff and wide range of imaging products and services. Jessops operates a nationwide network of 28 newly refurbished stores and is widely regarded within the photographic industry as amongst the best in Europe. To ensure customers’ needs are met however they choose to shop, Jessops also operates an award winning website and an in-house call centre manned by highly trained and specialist staff.



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