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Get Popped!

Pop pop pop – pop to the top! Or something like that, it’s from High School Musical, sung by the highly overrated Ashley blah blah, or ‘Squeaky McOffKey’ if I was writing the credits. Anyway, the reason I’m popping all over the place is because I’m writing about Pop Chips!

Lately all this guilt-tripping has been taking the fun right out of snacking, not to mention the flavour. So we found a way to put it back into a crispy chip like you’ve never tasted before

Popchips are made differently to other crisps, they are never fried (too greasy) or baked, they are popped! Cooked using some magical pressurised heat device the sliced potatoes eventually pop as they cook. Resulting in crisps with half the fat of their fried friends. Because magical isn’t a very technical term here is the Pop-chip-popping-how-to video:

I’d only ever had the salt and vinegar pop-chips before but now I have my hands on each flavour available, and I’m going to test them for you, right now, then rate them from 5 to 1.
The five flavours are: Original, Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion, Barbeque and Salt & Pepper
Here we go…

5. Sour Cream & Onion
Pop ChipsThis is usually the flavour I like the least, in other crisps anyway. Lets see if Popchips can make them taste better than expected… *opens bag* Ohhh they smell like those tiny onion ring crisps you used to get at school, they made better engagement rings then hula hoops in my opinion, wait am I allowed to write about other crisps? Moving on.. *tastes* hmm, well they are a lot better than most onion based delicacies because they aren’t as over-powering. Still not my favorite flavour at all but you can really taste the sour-cream in there so if that’s what you love then these are for you! *Gives bag away to mum* ok next..!

4. Salt & Pepper
Pop chipsPepper is something I usually avoid in food because I find it really quite spicy and I can’t handle spice at all! My girlfriend always goes for peppery crisps, so I’m guessing the rest of this packet will go to her.. *opens bag* Blimmin heck, the smell of these is enough to knock you off your feet. It actually made me cough! Okay I’m going in..Nope. Nope. Nope. I spat it out! Sorry Popchip people! They are way too peppery/spicy for my liking, my tongue feels like it’s on fire! This is one for the Vindaloo curry eaters, I’m off to find some water!

3. Original
Pop chipsPosition number three, the middle ranking, has to go to the ‘original’ flavour. They’re fine, they’re as expected, they’re not harming anyone. Original is the Switzerland of Pop Chips. They are kinder to my mouth then the peppery ones, sweeter to my senses then the sour cream and onion ones and the first packet I’ve considered keeping. Although I ended up giving them to dad to get brownie points. Taste wise the original pop chips are very salty, but I guess they need to be to add a little flavour!

2. Barbeque
Pop ChipsI’ve been looking forward to this, I love barbeque flavour crisps – BUT they have to be sweet bbq; think honey, burnt toffee, sugary goodness.. not smoky bbq. I can’t eat something that tastes burnt, which is a shame when mum’s making dinner… anyway.. *opens bag* Ohh these smell like something… erm… what do they smell of! … I think they smell of tomato sauce *checks ingredients* ah ha! Tomato powder! Does this make me a crisp connoisseur..? *tastes* …hmm, well they do taste of sweet bbq, so that’s a win, but they have a dryer herbier aftertaste too. Which probably means they are inspired by London gourmet bbqs, like those held in posh gardens by the ‘made in Chelsea’ lot, or their staff anyway. I’m a Midlands girl and we’re used to gristle smothered in ketchup, so it is second place to the well-to-do bbq pops for being just a bit too posh.

1. Salt and Vinegar
Pop ChipsOkay I got a bit excited here and opened the bag before I started my description, whoops! Anyway it was worth it because my nose was treated to a whiff of old-fashioned fish and chips, that beautiful paper-soaked-in-vinegar-and-crystalised-with-salt scent that makes my stomach growl for ‘chippy chips’. *Tastes* Now these are good, they taste sweeter than most salt and vinegar crisps, and didn’t make me cough by being too strong. Is it okay to describe crisps as gentle? Well, I’m doing it. These are the gentle giants of the salt & vinegar crisp world. A clear winner! Thanks PopChip Peeps!

Pop over to, become a fan on Facebook or follow them on twitter, don’t forget the hashtag #getpopped !

Ps: Apparently there is a sixth flavour – Sweet Chilli! Has anyone tried it? Comment below!

Pps: I’ve just learnt that the song is actually called ‘Bop to the top’.. ah well, here it is in all its inane glory: 



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