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It’s time to talk… Christmas gift guides!

Gift guides are one of my favorite parts of the Christmas warm-up, everyone knows that when Boots release their bible of Christmas gifts it’s legitimately time to get excited, and boy do they have some amazing things this year. More on that later, for now let me mention some of my other faves that may not be on your radar.

Many of the guides and catalogues that I’ve requested this year have been home related, because I am moving house…IN TWO DAYS. I’m crazy excited and have already made a number of ‘vital’ purchases including a fluorescent pink flamingo lamp, a rabbit vase which has flowers coming out of its…ears and a horrendously expensive radio that I actually willingly paid £20 more for just because that way I got the exclusive polka dot cover… Moving on:

My favorite homeware brochure:

Cox & Cox (stop smirking at the back there)

Cox & Cox logo

“Launched in 2001 with the desire to create a handpicked collection of homeware products that you couldn’t find in traditional catalogues, Cox & Cox have taken inspiration from unique and eclectic products that are practical but also beautiful”

The perfect start to creating your own personal winter wonderland, the Cox & Cox catalogue is full of christmas themed homeware, including soft furnishings, candles and more fairy lights than Pixie hollow.

Yes, ok, this catalogue may be more for gifts to yourself then others, but christmas is simply ‘a time for giving’, no-one said anything about who gets the gift! Request a Cox & Cox catalogue

My favorite cosmetics guide:

Boots – well dur!


I believe it’s standard christmas tradition to first look at the Boots gift guide when in the bath, that’s certainly what always happens at home! However, this does tend to cause a few soggy corners, so luckily this year Boots have also created a digital edition of their gift guide!

Although light on the homeware this year (boo!) the 3 for 2 gifts are stronger than ever. Special shout out to the Ted Baker, FCUK and Reiss beauty collections for perfecting the art of understated elegance in their packaging. Gaudy No7 and we-couldn’t-be-bothered-to-make-a-lid Nivea take note!

My favorite gadget shop:

I want one of those! (IWOOT)

Technically this isn’t a printed catalogue, but IWOOT has to be mentioned as the go-to for geeky gifts. Their online catalogue can be found here. was launched in 2000 as an online retailer offering a selection of quirky gifts including gadgets, gizmos, toys, photo gifts, experience days and home and office accessories. IWOOT is an ideal gift shopping solution for those who have everything, a great place to buy things you don’t need but are dying to have!”

This year IWOOT delights include an ‘app enabled droid’, a 3d printing pen and a build your own boyfriend set (tempting). The great thing about IWOOT is they really do cater for everyone, the bad thing is they still categorise their gifts by ‘for him’ and ‘for her’, with techy gifts in the boys camp and things like a ‘customisable cookie cutting stamp’ placed firmly in the ‘for her’ category…..


My favorite all-rounder catalogue:

John Lewis

The John Lewis gift guide forms the second half of their free instore magazine, ‘name’. So far I can’t see a way of ordering it online but helpfully all the gifts are in one section of the website. Favorites include designer candles to die for, luxury faux fur everything and simply the best taste in christmas decorations.

Let me know what your favorite Christmas gift guides are, and where you plan to shop this year!



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