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It was only a winter’s tale…

My gift to you this year is a selection of the best true stories that Christmas has ever told…

The falling star

According to, in 2007 window washer brothers Alcides and Edgar Moreno suffered a freak accident when a scaffolding collapse led to them falling from 47 floors high. Whilst Edgar died instantly upon impact, Alcides was found alive and fully conscious. He had however broken nearly everything and soon fell into an 18 day coma. Nine complex surgeries later and Alcides astounded doctors by waking, perfectly coherent, on December 25th. A Christmas miracle!

No one is really sure how Alcides survived the accident, including his doctors. Even [infamous scientist] Michio Kaku, attributes it mostly to luck, which is the closest a physicist will ever come to calling something a “miracle.” Not only did Alcides learn to walk again, but just this past year, he completed a three-mile walk for charity in just under an hour.” Source.

“Wait, THAT’S the building he fell off? Yeah, the dude’s straight-up magic … “

The Christmas tree mystery

I found this tale on the Reader’s Digest website (remember the tiny magazines in doctors’ waiting rooms?). The author claims it’s true, and I like to think it could be!

On Christmas Eve 1958, we remembered we had not gotten a tree. We looked for a vendor who might have a tree left, but to no avail. About a mile from home, we stopped for a red light. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, and something hit the front of our truck. My husband went out to investigate.

The next thing I knew, my husband was throwing a good-sized evergreen into the back of the truck. He went into the store at the corner where we were and asked the proprietor how much he wanted for the tree. He said he wasn’t selling Christmas trees that year.

We never did find out how the tree got in the middle of the road, but somehow we feel we know. Incidentally, it was the most beautiful tree we have ever had. —Gertrude Albert, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Christmas trees

The one that will make you cry…

(well, it made me cry anyway!)

I found this beautiful story on a community post by Buzzfeed. They had asked their readers ‘What’s your most heartwarming holiday memory?’ Here goes…

“When I was little, my grandpa had cancer, and he and my grandma were too exhausted from all the treatments and emotions from the previous months to make the two-hour drive to Christmas with the rest of the family. So my mom arranged for us all to go over to their house instead, and we stood outside in their yard singing Christmas carols.

I’ll never forget the look on my grandma’s face when she drew the curtains to see what was going on outside — it makes me tear up just to think about how excited she was. My grandpa died a month later, but my grandma has always said how grateful she was that we didn’t forget about him on what ended up being his last Christmas.” By emeliaf3



The spirit of Christmas past?

There are many tales of spooky goings-on during Christmastime, from ghostly carol services to haunted Christmas trees, but this is one of my favourites…

During Christmas night, when I was an extremely young girl, I awoke to chatter in the kitchen. It sounded like two women. My sister was asleep in the same bed, so I nudged her awake. The two of us went off to investigate. Still hearing the festivities, we proceeded to the kitchen, but when we got within a few feet of the kitchen, the sounds suddenly stopped.

The two of us entered the kitchen to find it dark, and the way it was left the night before. Everything was put away, neat, and tidy. Not a single sign of the festive activities that we heard.

The next morning, we both ran downstairs to open our presents. Before we could begin, we had to ask our parents about what had happened. Both our parents went pale. You see, when our parents had looked at the house, one elderly woman was there; she was moving because her sister, who had lived with her, had passed away.

To this day, I have never forgotten this.” Cecilia Andes 

Ghostly kitchen

Finally, Christmas isn’t Christmas without the biggest miracle moment of all…

Although widely romanticised and undoubtedly embellished, the story of the WWI ‘Christmas truce’ never fails to amaze. It touches everyone’s heart, young and old alike; even Sainsbury’s cashing in and using it for their Christmas advert last year hasn’t ruined the wonder of the winter’s tale…

On Christmas Day 1914, hundreds of troops, who had spent months watching their friends die in the most horrific ways imaginable, spontaneously threw down their weapons and stopped fighting. There were no orders from above, no formal truce – just a thousand or more weary and unhappy men determined not to let this one day be as utterly miserable as all the others.” Source

Christmas truce

A true story of humanity overcoming adversary: here’s hoping the spirit of the Christmas truce lives on through future years.

Merry Christmas one and all, love Mungle x



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