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Blue Owl Therapy

Twitter is a fabulous way to meet like-minded people, and it was through a mutual twitter friend (a twit?) that today’s blog post came about. They introduced me to Amanda, an award-winning local therapist who owns her own business, ‘Blue Owl Therapy‘.

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Arbonne Baby Care

No, you have not missed a newsflash – I have not had a baby! I do, however, have extremely sensitive skin which requires very natural, softening and soothing products. When I had a skin consultation with Heika from Arbonne she advised me to use the Arbonne Baby Care (ABC) range:

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Introducing Arbonne Skincare – Natural Beauty

Arbonne is a 32-year old health and wellness company with a Swiss heritage.  The Arbonne products are botanically based, hypoallergenic and vegan friendly. They contain NO animal by-products or fillers, no preservatives, no mineral oil and no paragons.  Because they use no artificial fragrances, the product smells of its ingredients – a delicious mixture of floral and fruity extracts. Continue reading “Introducing Arbonne Skincare – Natural Beauty”

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I’m an award winner!

My recent anti bullying post prompted the most responses (and page views) that my blog has ever seen! As well as being very therapeutic to write and extremely eye-opening to see how many of you related to the subject, the post led to me being presented with a  ‘Versatile Blogger’ Award by the lovely Jess Hayes at Jesstastics. I’m so touched that Jess thought my post was worthy of this award! Continue reading “I’m an award winner!”