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Get Popped!

Pop pop pop – pop to the top! Or something like that, it’s from High School Musical, sung by the highly overrated Ashley blah blah, or ‘Squeaky McOffKey’ if I was writing the credits. Anyway, the reason I’m popping all over the place is because I’m writing about Pop Chips! Continue reading “Get Popped!”

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Rediscovering Chiquito!

When I lived in Aberdeen I actually lived in the two Chiquito restaurants.. for the simple reasoning that they had heating, whilst I didn’t; they had gorgeous food, I didn’t and they had a fabulous seaside location, I didn’t. We must have gone for dinner there at least twice a week, so much so that the staff  knew us by name and knew what we were going to order (and often gave us extra churros, but sssh)

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How to cook when you can’t cook

The sixth part of the 2014 blogger challenge is to write a post about food.. The trouble is, I can’t cook. I recently had to turn to Facebook to plead for help when making my first tuna and cheese toastie. I’m not even kidding.. However, as I’m sure that I can’t be the only culinary-challenged blogger taking part, and I don’t want to fail the challenge, I’ve finally written my first ‘cookery’ post…

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It’s ‘Christmas tag’ time!

I was tagged by the lovely Caitlin Crawford to complete this cute Christmas questionnaire.
It’s now the 22nd of December and I still am not really in the christmassy mood.. the festive season is always tricky for me now with my health BUT I’m hoping that things like this will help and that by Christmas Day I’ll be happy and jolly for the family 🙂

So here we go…

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