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It’s time to talk… Christmas gift guides!

Gift guides are one of my favorite parts of the Christmas warm-up, everyone knows that when Boots release their bible of Christmas gifts it’s legitimately time to get excited, and boy do they have some amazing things this year. More on that later, for now let me mention some of my other faves that may not be on your radar. Continue reading “It’s time to talk… Christmas gift guides!”

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Get Popped!

Pop pop pop – pop to the top! Or something like that, it’s from High School Musical, sung by the highly overrated Ashley blah blah, or ‘Squeaky McOffKey’ if I was writing the credits. Anyway, the reason I’m popping all over the place is because I’m writing about Pop Chips! Continue reading “Get Popped!”

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My Modani living room

Today I’ve worked with Modani to create a living room that uses their products and reflects my signature style. Unbeknown to them I’m actually trained in the basics of interior design! I was both the brand manager and visual merchandising manager for a large British food and clothing company – I’ll give you a clue, it involved quite a bit of Magic & Sparkle… Continue reading “My Modani living room”